Lady Gaga: Forbes says ‘Bloody Mary’ could be nominated for 2024 Grammys

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Will we finally get justice and the world will change? “born This Way”From Lady GagaIn an era with Grammys? the possibilities are great, like “Bloody Mary” it is award worthy And it has the potential to compete in two categories. all this, Thanks to the song going viral during the airing of the series “Vandinha”,

Photo: Getty Images (POPline use authorized)

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It is unusual for the Grammys to submit older recordings for consideration, although it is possible. Lady Gaga can do with “Bloody Mary” – after all became single In December 2022 – a decade after its official launch. This happened when the song went viral on the platform amid the performance “Wandinha”,

“Bloody Mary” reached #41 But Billboard Hot 100arrived at top 20 from forums like Spotify Global and excelled on the radio. According to forbesFollowing this release as a single and the track grew in popularity, Lady Gaga There is a chance to send song for competition in categories “Best Pop Solo Performance” it is “Best Pop Dance Recording”,

however, North American site insists, “Now, the question is whether voters will be willing to award relatively older material in the fast-paced world of music, or will they prefer to award only the most recent releases”.,

Point to be noted is that grammy 2024 There is still no fixed date, however, it is expected to be held in February. Ahead, Nominations are expected to be announced later this year, Shall we have another anthem? mother Monster Taking the Golden Gramophone?



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