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The ninth version of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is starting in Oceania in June this, headquartered in Australia and New Zealand, which are standing for their egalitarian policies, invitations to watch good football, encouraging Argentina and making Argentina the world champion in Qatar, this rights and selection focus on the first phase by focusing on the status of the first phase by focusing on the rights and sexual uniformity. There is an opportunity, which highlights artistic, football and extremist contexts.

In a campaign FIFA will highlight a range of social causes across the Cup’s 64 parties related to inclusion, equality, peace, the eradication of hemebre, the promotion of education and the fight against gender violence, thanks to an agreement with the United Nations. With the slogan “El fútbol une el mundo”.

The initiative was selected based on a consultation process with women players and the 32 federations participating in the cup.

Each team captain can choose the messages they will wear on their bracelets related to the various slogans of the campaign.

A week ago in Nueva Zelanda, home of the soccer ferns for the local selection.

The personality of the Australian team, known as Las Matildas, is headed by Sam Kerr, regarded as one of the best in the world.

The main character of his selection is Sam Kerr, who is considered one of the best in the world.

And Argentina’s archer Gabriela Garten plays in that country.

In 2012, Australian politician Alex Greenwich, a gay activist, chose Argentina to marry.

In Australia, since 2017 and due to reforms to marriage law, gay people can marry and adopt.

56% of the Australian population live in areas that have state and territory laws that protect them from incitement to hatred based on sexual orientation.

The Australian Senate passed a motion to ban “conversion treatments” for LGBTIQ+ people nationwide.

As far as the right to gender identity is concerned, requirements vary by jurisdiction.

In LGBTIQ+ activism, Brooke Blurton (bisexual and indigenous), Teddy Cook (trans), Magda Szubanski (lesbian, humorist, leader of ‘yes vote’ for same marriage), Ian Thorpe (gay, famous Olympic swimmer) and Casey Conway Standing outside (Indigenous rugby players).

Abortion has been decriminalized across the region since 2019, but the state is under no obligation to pay for the cost of the practice.

2022 marks 120 years since Australians gained the right to vote.

In 1972, the Consejo Nacional de Mujeres Aborigines e Islenas was formed, which works for the protection of their cultures, the right to employment and the concession of land ownership to that population.

In the world of the show, Gillian Armstrong stands out as one of cinema’s directors with the greatest trajectory and recognition. Local cinema currently counts with high-profile directors such as Gracie Otto, Nisrin Amin, Kimberley Benjamin and Shannon Murphy, in an industry where female presence is around 30%.

From Kylie Minogue and Sia to Olivia Newton-John, Natalie Imbruglia and rapper Iggy Azalea, there are many singers who have crossed Australian borders to become world stars. Currently, and especially after the #MeToo movement flared up, there is an abundance of feminism flag bearers on the music scene, such as Beck Sandridge, Ngaire, Adalita, Amy Taylor and Camp Cope.

Australian rapper Mallrat and New Zealand rapper Beanie recorded the official song for the World Cup, “Do It Again”.

This Mundial highlights the indigenous peoples of Australia and the Māori (Tangata Whenua) of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The Australian flag, the Australian Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islands flag will fly at each of Australia’s six stadiums, while the Aotearoa Nueva Zelanda and Tino Rangatiratanga (Māori national flag) flags will fly at each. Four stadiums in this area.

According to an Amnesty report, this message is important in a context where the rate of incarceration of tribals is much higher than the general population. In the case of indigenous people, they represent approximately 34% of the total number of people detained.

According to the journal Debates Indigenous, as little as possible, in children, the social security system separates them and Aboriginal children from their families and culture, which acts as a mechanism of forced assimilation.

Meanwhile, Nueva Zelanda is best known for becoming the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote in 1893 and the second country to offer paid leave to survivors of gender-based violence.

Former minister Jacinda Ardern (2017–2023) was the youngest head of government in the world (holding 37 terms) and the second to give birth during her tenure, a platform where she can be seen at the United Nations General Assembly Could have done. Before giving the speech, his daughter wrapped him in arms.

Ardern resigned after her handling of three consecutive crises by the government over the past five years: genocide at the hands of a white supremacist, the eruption of a volcano and the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m human, we give it our all until the time comes, and for me it’s time. I gave up rather than accept that I did this to spend more time with my daughter and get married.

Currently, New Zealand is one of the few government ministries to have gender parity and last October parity was achieved in Parliament. Since 1984, there is a women’s ministry here.

Regarding the right to abortion, it is decriminalized till the 20th week of pregnancy and after that time, the decision rests in the hands of doctors and physicians.

In April 2013, New Zealand became the thirteenth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage – the first in the Asia-Pacific region – and one of 20 countries that allow free gender self-determination, with no judges or medical experts intervene.

In July two new institutions began to operate: the Māori Health Authority, which aims to change the way health services are perceived by the Māori community, and the Ministry for Disabled Persons, which has been created in order to improve health services. “Leading the transformation of the disability support system in collaboration with the community”.

In a markedly international expansion since the early 1990s, one of the most outstanding figures of New Zealand cinema is director Jan Campion, twice nominated for Best Direction in the history of the Oscars for his films “La lesion de piano”. The only woman to be. (1993)—which won the category as Best Original Script—and “El poder del perro” (2021), for which it was awarded the statuette. In addition, he won the Palme d’Oro at the Cannes International Film Festival. He was the first filmmaker to receive the award.

New Zealand music has a rich array of female artists ranging from the popular Lorde to the pop genre, where Robinson and October also appear; to punk with bands like the Contenders, Dick Moves, Rogernomics and Unsanitary Napkin.

The Nueva Zeland women’s national team is known as the Football Ferns and is led by Erin Naylor and Ali Riley, a veteran of four Women’s World Cups and a member of the FIFPRO World Football Council.

The pelota begins to spin and the fútbolistas go to the world championships with more rights and others to achieve.

*This work of the Gender and Screen Diversity team is made possible thanks to the joint work of Victoria Ozum, Agustina Ramos, Clara Olmos, Virginia Solana, Matilde Suarez and Nicolás Luna.

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