Jennifer Lopez says her kids began to question her choices: “Why would you do that?” , Famous

In a recent interview with Vogue Mexico and Latin America, Jennifer Lopez, 53, opened up about what it’s like to raise children in the spotlight. The singer, who is featured in the magazine’s July issue, shared her experience and challenges of being parent to 15-year-old twins, Max and Emme. According to, J.Lo said that as the twins grew up, she began to question her choices and wonder why they were living like this: “Why are we doing this? Why is my mom doing this? Do I have to do it too?”

Jennifer Lopez in an interview with TODAY – Photo: Playback Today

Lopez shares parenting with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, and this isn’t the first time they’ve spoken about the challenges their kids face as a result of being famous parents. He reveals that he is aware of how people treat him, which makes him feel that they are evaluated based on the fame of his parents. Jennifer expressed her desire to save him from such a situation.

In the interview, Lopez explained that the teenagers began to challenge her and question her opinions on various things. He explained that it is natural for teens to be looking for answers and lessons. The star also explained how her most recent film, “The Mother,” has changed her outlook on her relationship with her children as they transition from young children to young adults. He discussed how taking on the role in the film made him delve deeper into his own life and family relationships. Jennifer shared that her character’s experiences helped her think about how to develop adult relationships with her children.

Jennifer Lopez in the movie The Mother – Photo: Revealed

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Although the twins are not often seen at public events, Jennifer Lopez often shares photos and tributes to them on their birthdays. In an Instagram post on her children’s 14th birthday, she expressed the unconditional love she felt for them and how they have changed her life. The singer expressed his gratitude and wished to be a blessing in her life.

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