Georgina Rodríguez enters the exclusive club of Hickey Klout

more than 50 million people follow Georgina Rodriguez on your social network, you will surely be surprised latest instagram post, The diva appears in a picture surrounded by plush pockets (until everything returns to normal) I propose a birkin raffle Some instructions were followed and signed.

What’s Behind the Draw for Georgina Rodriguez?

at first glance it seems like luck “Habitually” among influential people “low profile” that invites you to follow a brand in exchange for a gift and that too without any restrictions, surprise her, However, seeing what you propose to the whole draw matters more.

it comes to highkey effect, the social media division of public relations firm HighKey Enterprises LLC. formed by brothers Jordan, Luke and Jackson Lintz, specialized in Increase digital presence of 1% of “high” profile entrepreneurs and companies, It does this through development campaigns and management of social networks.

Awards and Millionaires

Thus, Georgina Rodríguez joins a select group of celebrities and stars of international repute who have collaborated with HiKiClout.

A group of people like rappers who have millions of followers snoop dogg (80 million) and cardi b (168 million); the actors Bella Thorne (25 million) and Kevin Hart (178 million).

The firm began its strategy in 2020 by funneling substantial amounts of money ($2,500, $5,000 or $10,000) among its followers. Tournaments have changed in 2021 with a multitude of high-end mobile phones, computers, pockets and even luxury coaches. Each award is linked to a celebrity.

queen of marketing

no doubt nothing survives Georgina Rodriguez, Master in Marketing, Social Network and an authentic money making machine. Asi Lo Confirms Its Latest Collaboration As Showcasing Estimate, Elisabetta Franchi Or its ties to high-end jewelry and international fashion companies.

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