Fortnite is getting a collaboration with Overwatch 2

A user brought hero models from a hero shooter into battle royale and they were removed by Blizzard after they were deemed “leaks”.

If there’s one collaboration that the Fortnite public has been asking for for a long time and because of how well it goes with its design, it’s with Overwatch 2. And there’s been a drop in content on social media these days that would indicate a possible connection between the titles.

User Ponirai He took several hero models from the hero shooter and put them as characters in the battle royale, thus putting forward a possible approach to how they would look in the second mentioned. Sharing them on Twitter, he said that received copyright infringement requests from Blizzard that they tagged it as “content filtering” despite the fact that it was only a transference and an assumption of appearance.

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Explanation in just one tweet:

Basically, Blizzard removed the messages, I have no idea why, but in the copyright request message, the guy who reported these messages said that I “leaked” Overwatch 2 content (don’t know if Fortnite and Overwatch will cooperate).”

The Affected weren’t limited to Overwatch characters because before them I have already posted several images and videos of Fortnite characters from different franchises.. For example, he started by showing what Ghostface from Scream and Michael Myers from Halloween, two iconic horror movie characters that the community has said have joined Fortnitemares content, would look like.

Ghostface has been moved to Fortnite!

Parallel to Ponirai’s work is a recent World of Warcraft leak. What stands out here is the inclusion of a boss with the appearance of Renegade Looter, who will use spells hinting at the resources of the battle royale.

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At the moment, it is not known when the connection between Fortnite and Overwatch 2 will be made in its content. Information has been leaked from the former that work is ahead with such licenses as Doctor Who, Lego and The Elder Scrolls. As for the second, what is known is that their second collaboration will be announced for Season 7 after the launch of One Punch-Man cosmetics.

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