Elizabeth Olsen gives advice to new actors signing with Marvel

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You know when you enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but you don’t know when you leave. For example, what happened to Elizabeth Olsen, who started playing Wanda Maximoff ten years ago in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and eventually went on to star in her own series ‘WandaVision’ and play the villain during ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, now fully transformed into Scarlet Witch. Now, he has some advice for aspiring superheroes.

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Olsen doesn’t have a contract with Marvel, somewhat like Don Cheadle: they call him if the company needs him, and if everything fits the agenda, they make a movie together. And, if they don’t fit, they don’t fit. We’ll likely see more of Scarlet Witch in the future (especially after the ‘Vision Quest’ rumors), but her future is uncertain. Of course, the actress likes it that way, as she said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Just give them one. You have more control. If you say, “Oh my God, I had more fun than ever, I love this character, I want to do it again”, then you now have more creative control for the next movie.

Since Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Sebastian Stan, and Benedict Cumberbatch all signed a multi-picture deal that they may (or may not) regret, Olsen took the easier route: If they want her back, let them pay her more money. Of course, the actress doesn’t know if we’ll see more Scarlet Witch in the future. All she can say is “I hope so”. But no contract in front of him, just in case.

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