Crocs and Lil Nas X Bring You the Tallest and Most Charismatic Zuecos of the Summer

los zuecos de gum If You Can Consider the Basics of Summer, Such has been the explosion of popularity that Crocs have had in the last blaze that, in fact, we might as well talk of a contemporary classic to these heights. They’re ultra-comfortable, they have a great design that doesn’t stop at breaking design boundaries and the variety abounds. simultaneously, New References to Generation Z Like Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny or Post Malone been wearing crocs for a few yearsWhich certainly quelled any opinion against gum sandals.

amidst all this role models, pop superstar lil nas x With highlights and more. Transformed and disillusioned, Montero becomes Lamar Hill (his real name). The Most Viral Queer Icon of Our Time, Le Pique a queen Le Pique, and not only for her stunning looks in video clips and on the catwalk. Such a mind is found behind this very young artist knows how to play all keys Placing a single at the top of the lists, a video at the top of the best holders, and a brand at the top of sales. lo hizo con old city street (the single that won the Grammy Award), Lo Hijo Con montero (#1 on the lists and with the recently released controversial videoclip on Luna) and I did it with Jean Paul Gaultier (this printed sweatshirt was bought all over the world).

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Nadi has to wonder, as the brand that has Trastocado in the world of shoes and the singer that attracts the most attention no matter where it goes come together to cooperate, Crocs’ latest collection invites, once again, to be authentic and express the naturalness of each one loud and clear, as Lil Nas X knows how to do. Some floors and platforms that do not hide in showing their inspiration Drag, Who better than the Georgia rapper to introduce them? Exactly, Nadi.

Among the best models of this new Tirad we find zueco sirenwhich is available on black or cool pink (hello, barbiecore) and offers a sleek and uncompromising silhouette, perfect for candid nighttime salves. Siren Counts With Chain Version
Same Taconazo Alto, but it includes a showy heavy chainring in a deep cherry color that gives it even more personality. Ale mega crush color dip Features an improved gum sole and an attractive design of TPU clip around outsole one color immersion effect Which will enhance any look. And another silhouette that would be a bomb for summer with slip-on sandals crush slidethat re-establishes Crocs’ iconic DNA with its Inflated supersulla.

With all this ammunition, Crocs again ranks high on the list (can’t say better than that). Zuiko consolidating his position as king for the fifteenth time, All of the colors, shapes, and materials have been the staple since Crocs first established it, and there’s no doubt that this type of shoe is a trend that’s just beginning to gain traction. Y Si Por Si Poco Poco, Apuesta Por La inclusion and freedom of expression With the likes of Lil Nas X among the ambassadors, we couldn’t ask for much more. “I’ve always loved taking things to the next level, so I’m very excited to be joining forces with Crocs on this new Altitude collection. The new designs are step one and I know everyone will be mesmerised”, says the singer. We wholeheartedly endorse this.

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