Cameron Diaz is shocked and saddened by Jamie Foxx’s condition

according to a close source cameron diazThe actress is very worried about the actor jamie foxSince she doesn’t know anything about his health condition as he felt ill on the sets where they were shooting for the movie “Back in Action” and was admitted to the hospital in an emergency.

According to “People” magazine, Diaz wants to help or support him at this time, but “knows nothing about his situation”.

“She is shocked and saddened by Jamie’s health crisis… One day they were working together and the next day he is gone. She wanted to support and help in some way, but her family has kept her situation very quiet,” commented the insider, adding that the whole affair remains unclear.

But Cameron isn’t the only one of Jamie’s co-stars who finds it difficult to get information about his condition. John Boyega, who stars alongside Jamie in “They Cloned Tyrone”, previously revealed he has been unable to contact the 55-year-old actor following a “medical complication”.

Jamie Foxx’s ex-wife Katie Holmes has also been trying to contact their mutual friends to see how he is doing.

“Katie is desperate for more details, but her numerous calls to their mutual friends go unanswered. Nobody knows what’s happening.”

The lack of news about Jamie Foxx’s current health status is worrying fans. But over the weekend, actress Porsha Coleman, who starred alongside the actor in the now-defunct series “My Father and Other Wrecks,” said during the BET Awards on Sunday (25) that Fox is “doing well” in his recovery.

The 37-year-old actress told “Entertainment Tonight” that she heard from people close to the actor that everything is fine:

“I talked to people very close to Fox. (He is well. I hate that the media keeps telling without proper information what is happening.”, he lamented the speculation.

Porsha said that part of the reason why the actor has been so secretive about his health is because he has always been low-key about everything else in his life.

“One thing about Jamie is that he has always valued his privacy. If you’ve noticed, Jamie Foxx has always been laid-back. Even when it comes to dating, Jamie has always been secretive, so it never surprised me. As soon as I heard the news, of course, I got in touch, but how’s Foxx doing it, how’s Foxx supposed to be doing it. He’s resting, he’s fine. And he will come back. Believe and have faith”, he said.

The actor has always been very cautious about his personal life. A good example of this is when he dated Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes, the two had a relationship for several years and neither of them ever brought up the topic publicly.

Jamie Foxx has been out of the limelight since last April when he suffered a serious medical emergency.


More information published by the website “Radar Online” through a source very close to Jamie Foxx indicates that the actor is struggling to recover from an alleged stroke he suffered two months ago. The publication learned that the 55-year-old actor still has a long way to go.

“Jamie Foxx is learning to walk again as he recovers in rehabilitation following a medical complication he suffered in April. After being admitted to the hospital, he is undergoing intensive physical therapy at one of the country’s leading physical rehabilitation centres, the magazine said.

According to Radar Online, a reputable source told them the Oscar winner suffered mobility issues following her health scare:

“If Jamie had not been debilitated in some way as a result of what happened to him, he would not be in this clinic,” says the source.

“Jamie is receiving treatment at one of the premier physical rehabilitation centers in the country… The clinic specializes in physical therapy programs to treat injuries or physical conditions that limit or restrict the ability to walk or move properly. Specifically, they teach people to walk again at this clinic,” the insider shared, adding that the actor is “getting the best care.”

He explained that the clinic where Jamie Foxx is located is known to specialize in strokes, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

It was previously reported that he arrived at the facility in Chicago in late April after initial treatment at an Atlanta hospital, and is “recovering well”.

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