Blizzard acknowledges this, but trusts future content

Last year one of the most important games Blizzard Entertainment He had a major transition. Overwatch became Overwatch 2adopting the model free to play and a new scheme for continuous updates by season.

This fresh reboot of Blizzard’s hero shooter was meant to rekindle interest in the community, although unfortunately not everything in the game went smoothly. It’s a reality that the game has lost player interest, and Activision Blizzard acknowledged this in their latest financial report..

Overwatch 2 is experiencing a gradual decrease in player activity

In that Activision Blizzard earnings report which corresponds to the second quarter of 2023 (via IGN), the company acknowledged that Overwatch 2 experienced a gradual decline in player engagement during this period, although they are confident that the release of Overwatch 2: Invasion 2 will help rectify the situation.

While player engagement and investment in Overwatch 2 declined consistently throughout the quarter, the Overwatch team is looking forward to the release of Overwatch 2: Invasion on August 10th. This will be the biggest seasonal update to date and will include new PvE story missions, a new game mode and a new hero progression system, as well as an additional hero.

Although Overwatch 2 had a good launch last year, Blizzard’s shooter hasn’t been free from controversy all this year.. while league of observers started the year with serious problems, it was also very surprising that will cancel the PvE campaign originally promised at the time Overwatch 2 It has been announced.

In any case, the company will be able to slightly compensate for the fall Overwatch 2 with your success devil 4 and there’s nothing left but to wait close 2023 to see what news will be looking to raise the shooter.

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