Bella Hadid ends their relationship after two years of marriage

american model bella hadid ended my two year relationship with a so called man Mark CullmanReporting of US avg.

entertainment tonight It is reported that a source told that they are aware of this Rift between model and art director who, according to the media, became famous for working with travis scott,

“They were very much in love, but the relationship eventually took a turn and decided to end it. Bella is a very happy personBut fight the pressure of fame”.

“Bella is taking some reasonable time off for her treatment Lyme disease, He is not under rehabilitation and has never had any problemsl alcohol or drugs, Her split from Mark was amicable and he’s always been someone who takes care of himself, and he’s been very open about it”.

According to the report, this relationship ended during the last spring, but by then the relationship had broken up. mark made plans propose marriage to bella el pasado otonoConfirmed a year ago, but no news on the matter.

The two publicly confirmed their relationship in July 2021; However, the media speculates that their relationship began since 2020 with even less of a profile,

Bella Hadid decided to stop drinking

Last month in January, Bella Hadid revealed she’d stop drinking after making sure she didn’t feel like she did. control itIn addition to the emotional cost.

“I don’t need to drink because I know It will affect me at three in the morning when I wake up with horrible anxious thoughtsFor example, what I said five years ago when I graduated”, I said in style,

Lyme, Bella Hadid’s disease

It was revealed last April Bella Hadid was battling Lyme disease, which is caused by a claw. other famous people likes Justin Biber, it suffers. The other part, it has affected the jaw, causing infection under the teeth.

“When do I take most of the pictures i crossed a bud like this, Especially if I have a lot of work, my skin discolours, bruises appear and I feel tired, anxious, sad and unmotivated”, she explained on social networks.


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