‘Barbie’ actress Margot Robbie is Hollywood’s highest-paid woman

Margot Robbie, 33, who stars in the film “Barbie,” which opens in Brazil tomorrow, has become the highest paid actress in Hollywood. The actress took the title after receiving a fee for the creation inspired by the world’s most famous doll – US$12.5 million, approximately R$60 million.

The actress had already secured first place in the women’s title, although she shared it with Millie Bobby Brown.19, as both received US$10 million (R$55 million) for the films “Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn and Her Fantabulous Emancipation” and “Enola Holmes 2”, respectively.

Now, according to Variety magazine, with the addition of Greta Gerwig in the making, its top fee has increased to US$2.5 million.

Although the actress was paid US$12.5 million for “Barbie”, she is ranked 16th overall. Which is led by Tom Cruise and has received US$100 million (R$550 million) from “Top Gun: Maverick”.

Following is the list of highest paid female actresses, after Margot and Millie: Emily Blunt for US$4 million (R$22 million) for “Oppenheimer”, Jamie Lee Curtis for US$3.5 million (R$20 million) for “Halloween Ends”, and Anya-Taylor Joy for US$1.8 million (R$10 million) for “Furiosa”.

margot robbie net worth

According to information from the website Cockknowledge, the actress has already appeared in successful productions, which fetch an average guarantee of US$2 million per film. The artist also has contracts worth more than US$160,000, which, according to quotations, amounts to more than R$760,000.

The site also indicated that Margot earned over US$50 million throughout her career, totaling R$240 million.

The actress has films like ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, ‘The Wolf of Wallstreet’ to her credit besides series like ‘Panem’ and ‘Dollface’.

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