After a mold problem, Megan Fox puts the house up for sale for R$21 million. famous house

Megan Fox puts house up for sale for R$21 million after mold problems – Photo: Disclosure

Megan Fox Decided to sell her home in the hills of Malibu in the United States for $4.525 million (R$21 million in converted values). International press reported that when the actress bought the property in 2013, she had to deal with several problems of mold and leaks in the property.

Dissatisfied with the molds of the house, he also filed a lawsuit against the previous owner and the legal dispute was resolved in 2021. Located in a condominium in Malibu, the home was renovated and features a swimming pool and basketball court.

Basketball court outside Megan Fox’s home – Photo: Disclosure/MSL

The house is on an 8,000 square meter plot and has fruit trees, a greenhouse, stone walls, small bridges and gardens. In the interiors, the presence of colors is in abundance, with an emphasis on green cabinets in the kitchen.

Megan Fox’s home has green cabinets – Photo: Disclosure/MSL

The master bedroom has its own glassed-in sitting area and spa bath. The lower floor provides access to the patio with fire pit, sports court, swimming pool, and built-in trampoline.

The stone wall and fireplace are part of Megan Fox’s home – Photo: Disclosure/MSL

The exterior of Megan Fox’s home in Malibu – Photo: Disclosure/MSL

The bathroom in the master suite of Meghan Fox’s home – Photo: Disclosure/MSL

Megan Fox’s living room – Photo: Disclosure/MSL

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