After 2000 hours of playing Stardew Valley, this player discovers one of the most exciting curiosities that exist.

There is nothing better than having a game that is one of your favorites and continues to amaze you despite the countless hours you have put into it. This is how the player must have felt Stardew Valley which he confirmed in message on reddit which bears over 2000 hours in the game and only now he discovered an amazing curiosity.

As he himself commented in the related thread, he moved into a new house and placed various furniture and items he had in the rooms, including a plush toy. Although he always had a habit of putting his teddy bear between two beds, his surprise was when he mistakenly realized that he could put him on the bedas if he were a different character.

In fact, he wanted to accompany this striking detail with a photograph in which we can see a bear that fits perfectly on the bed, as if to give the impression that he is so comfortable to take a nap.

The truth is that this is a fact that, both for us and for the community itself, left us speechless to know that such a possibility existed after so many years. You just have to look at the different responses from Reddit users to see what dozens of players had no idea either.

So now you know that if you want your stuffed animals to feel like cocoons, feel free to put them in your beds the next time you play too. Stardew Valley.

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