A Man Couldn’t Please His Wife In Bed And Tried The “Caballeros Reading Club” To Fix Her

Is there a second chance? Can You Have a Happy Ending After a Breakup?

“There is no force in the world more powerful than a kind woman, but she is already healthy”, recalls Thea, the heroine of Bromance. Reading Club for HorsemenIn the words of his abuela.

new soap opera Lisa Kay Adamsamerican writer romantic literaturestarting with a marriage in trouble, Gavin Scott is a successful professional baseball player who is depressed because his wife, Thez, is tired of conforming to him. she asked for a divorce and echo de la casa, the reason? He loses his reins when he realizes this in his married years she showed off all her orgasms,

“Arousal was the least of our problems”, she expresses in the first attempt at dialogue in which Gavin confronts her to fix it. And that’s what bothered him most: he was angry with her for pretending to be in bed, but she didn’t say that she knew that, in fact, It’s been years since she pretended everything,

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So, determined to get her back, he will go to unimaginable lengths to become an exemplary husband and join a romantic novel reading club exclusively for men. with a strong presence of mind feminist and humour, bromance (a play on words that can be translated from English as “friendly romance between men”) is a gripping tale about love, marriage after “eating pheasant” and, more than anything else. second chances,

“Bromance. Club de Lectura para Cavaleros” by Lisa K. Adams, edited by V&R.

There was a reason Gavin Scott didn’t drink.

No se le daba bien. In fact, when he jumped out the reason was clear: if he had fallen on his face while trying to get the bottle and, because he was so drunk he could not orient himself in the dark, he would have fallen there.

Which is why I didn’t react when his best friend and fellow Nashville Legends, Delray Hicks, slammed the door to his room on the fourth floor of the hotel where he was staying. In depression he remembered that at least he had been a champion in ruining everything,

“It’s open,” shouted Gavin, slurring the words. The door opened. Delray-Dale, as he called it-, turned on the blinding ceiling light and then cursed: -Shit. Fallen soldier –Se giro para hablar con otra persona–. help me.

Dale and another giant human came near and lifted him off his shoulders with the help of his huge hands. In an instant Gavin was already standing and leaning against the Cylons in the room. El tecco le daba vueltas y no le quedo otra que dejar la cabeza sobre los cozines.

-let’s go. -Del le coupo el pecho-. live again.

Gavin took a huge gulp of air and was able to lift his head. He blinked a couple of times and pressed his eyes to the palms of his hands.

– I’m a child.

“Don’t tell me,” Dale sighed. what are you drinking

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Gavin placed a bottle of artisanal bourbon on a table. A few weeks earlier the local distillery gave each team member a gift at the end of the season. Dale returned to the curse:

“Nonsense, friend. Why do you drink straight ethyl alcohol?

– I did not do it.

“Wait, I’ll get the water,” said the other man, whose smoky face resembled Braden Mack, the duo of many Nashville nightclubs. That makes no sense, Gavin thought. What was he doing there? It was seen only once, at a benefit golf event. How long were you friends with Dale?

Lisa Kay Adams was a journalist for 20 years until she grew tired of writing “sad endings”.

A third man suddenly appeared, and this time Gavin recognized him. It was another of his comrades, Yann Feliciano. -How are you? – asked in Spanish.

Gavin understood the question immediately. Stool, the eraser gave him the power to understand spanish, Don’t forget about Cabeza.

-You’re just one drink away from listening Ed Sheeran, Gavin had a hypo.

Answered as -No me gusta ed sheeran -Pudo en español.

-Calet – Centencio del.

– Via! No tartamudio cuando hablo español. -De nuevo el hipo, que esta vez trejo con un regusto sor–. Quiero desir, cuando estoy borracho.

Yan cursed for listening to his friend.

-What happened brother?

,Thea Leigh has filed for divorce – he replied to Dale.

Yan could not hide his surprise.

– Via. My lady told me that she had heard rumors that he was having problems, but I didn’t believe that was the case. -Pues Criello -Ciceo Gavin moaned and dropped his head on the sofa.

Divorce. She who was his wife for three years, the mother of his lovely daughters, The woman who made it discovered that love at first sight existed…she gave it up. and it was your fault,

– Bebe is delivering a bottle of Esto-le Indico del water. Immediately after this, he addressed Yan-: He has been living here for two weeks. – I thought – added Gavin and let the open bottle fall. – Because you’re acting like a fool.

– lose.

– I warned you, friend – he gestured to Dale to refuse his head.

– lose.

,let me tell you i’m tired of you if things don’t change,

“Lo se,” growled Gavin this time and raised his head again. The problem was that I did it too fast and a wave of nausea told me that the bourbon was seeking emergency exit from its body. Gavin swallowed and took a breath. Crap, I thought. Forehead and armpits started sweating.

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– Carazo, if it’s turning green! – allegedly shouted Brandon Mack.

Big hands swung around to help him lower himself down. You wish the Seguro era Brandon Mack would last for more than a year. Gavin stumbles in just as his mouth spews a colored substance that only appears when bad decisions are made. Mack cursed and ran away. Dale stood beside him while Gavin moaned like a tennis player as he backs off, nonstop.

“Bromance. Reading Club for Horsemen,” written by Lisa Kay Adams, will have an audio-visual adaptation by Netflix.

-Nanca te han sat bien las babidas fuertes.

,i’m dying, Gavin growled again and fell on his wheels.

– You’re not dying.

Then kill me.

Don’t tell me like that sometimes.

Gavin fell on his buttocks and leaned against the beige wall of the washbasin with castors in front of the bathtub, also beige, covered with a curtain (actually, beige).

earn millions of dollars a year and, without any restrictions, live there in a cheap hotel En el que no se habías alojado ni aun cuando jugaba en la peor de las division. He could have done better, but that was his punishment. And it was a self-imposed affair that allowed his pride to ruin the best experience of his life.

Del presion el botón del veter y cerro la tapa. I left the room and immediately returned with a bottle of water.

-Child. I tell you seriously.

Gavin opened the bottle and drank half of the drink. A few minutes later, the rattling in the room stopped.

-What happened?

– I will tell you. -Dale sat on the toilet lid and leaned forward, resting his elbows on the casters. are you ok -But. Gavin saw how his voice broke. Crap, I thought. She didn’t want to see herself crying for Dale. Press your eyes and massage the central part with Pisu Yam.

– Adelante. You can cry, friend – you spurred him on by hitting him with the tip of your zapatos. I shouldn’t give you Verguenza.

,i can’t believe it’s gone, Gavin leaned his head against the wall again and tears rolled down his cheeks.

– You’re not going to lose her.

– I’ve been asked for a divorce, fool – I managed to say after struggling with the word.

He didn’t react to his friend’s stuttering. Of course, the team members didn’t already stop trying to steer it while Gavin was with them. It was just one of a long list of things I had to thank Thea for. Before meeting her, he was shy and avoided talking, even when surrounded by people he knew. But when Thea stammered in front of her for the first time, she remained calm. I didn’t try to complete sentences for her, she didn’t bother or avert her eyes. I just waited till he could finish what he wanted to say. Apart from my family, Nadi had already realized by that moment that he was not a stutterer.,

So, when he found out about her lies a month ago, the betrayal was even more painful. Because it was processed that way: as a lie.

His wife had been playing pranks on the bed throughout their marriage,

♦ She is an American author of romantic literature.

♦ I was a journalist for 20 years until I got tired of writing “sad endings”.

♦ su kitab Bromance. Reading Club for Horsemen There will be an audio-visual adaptation by Netflix.

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