A fan threw a sex toy at Lil Nas X during his concert

Throwing objects on stage during a singer’s performance is changing from gray to dark. Be it fandom, originality or fashion, the pieces that appear on the forums are increasingly more dissimilar, which manage to go viral with little ease.

The last victim – as far as is known – was the American singer lil nas x, This time she had another impressive performance at the festival lollapalooza From Stockholm, last Saturday, July 1st.

in full explanation of soof hoe down, you see how something thrown from the audience hits the artist’s leg straight and bounces off the stage to the left. Lil Nas X automatically stops the song, detaches the mic and approaches the relevant object.

His dancers stopped as well and after a few seconds of complete silence, the 24-year-old rapper took the “gift” and asked: “¿Queen ha tirado su cono al escanario?”,

One might say the toy was casually launched during the song, whose lyrics are all about sex and make more than one reference to “pussy.” Although the incident was laughed at at the time, the fashion for throwing objects on stage is in vogue. Unstoppable, and dangerous too.

fashion of bold things

We are used to seeing flags and cards, but throwing out more and more ostentatious elements is moving away from the intention of gifting the singer and reaching out directly to her to attract her attention, turning itself into a simple and raw intention. To spread

If you’re not careful enough, objects can damage the performer by giving them a significant jolt.

Exactly a week ago we had a perfect example of “originality” on set during a concert pink, The American singer was standing in Cuadros when she saw a fan sitting in the front row throw her mother’s ceniza onto the stage, she was paralyzed and picked up the bag asking the question: “Are you madre?”

And let’s not forget “peluchazzo” in the meantime Motomami World Tour, When Rosalia finishes her famous speech, Osito’s face is directly on her face bizcochito,

In the best of cases, the cast can work smoothly and avoid damage, but these kinds of anecdotes can lead to uncomfortable moments and, above all, to be cast in An entirely avoidable risk.

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