7 movies based on toys for you to watch

Hollywood is always looking for a new franchise to start and create a series of movies that will not only be profitable at the box office, but also spawn dozens of licensed products – primarily toys. And, proving a full circle, it’s not uncommon for the dolls themselves to serve as inspiration and have their characters carried over to the big screen or even TV.

Many of these adaptations are successful, not only because they are nostalgic and the toys they are based on are well known. However, there are also productions that are blatant attempts to promote or profit from the nostalgia of a section of the public.

7. Transformer

Transformers, Hasbro’s toy collection, had already been adapted into animation in the 80s, which had wild success on American TV. In 2007, Giant Robots was adapted for cinema. transformerFilm directed by director Michael Bay (bad boys) and starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox.

The feature went on to become a smash hit in its very first release, spawning a long-running film franchise with rights to spin-offs. Bumble-beeand as a reboot, Transformers: The Awakening Of The Beastof 2023. In total, the franchise has already earned over US$4.8 billion at the worldwide box office.

And, as many people have left this universe over the years, there’s no denying that Robots That Turns into a Car (or will vice versa) is one of the best toy adaptations that has worked in cinema to date.

First transformer Available for purchase and rental on Star+, GloboPlay and Telecine, and on the Microsoft Store, Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

6. A Lego Adventure

While Lego building toys were already a focus of animation released on home video, it was with the launch a lego adventure They were adapted properly, with a film that became a public favourite.

With the voices of Hollywood actors like Chris Pratt (guardians of the galaxy 3), Elizabeth Banks (white powder bear) and Will Arnett (arrested Development), the animation tells the story of a simple doll who is mistaken for a master builder, who is able to save everyone’s existence from an evil villain. With very charismatic humor and great in-jokes, this feature plays well with the idea of ​​putting the pieces together.

The adaptation was very well received by children and adults alike, mainly by making great use of the dolls from the famous franchises Lord of the Rings it is my little Pony, It did so well that it spawned Batman-centric spin-offs and sequels.

a lego adventure Available for purchase and rental on HBO Max and on Amazon, Microsoft Store and iTunes.

5. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Rebels

tabletop rpg game Dungeons & Dragons Released in 1974 and became a cultural phenomenon, it has captivated thousands of fans around the world till date. And it was clear that all this popularity was prompting studios to turn their eyes to all this potential – even more so with animation. dragon cave To be the epitome of a generation.

first attempt to take d and d Because the screens are very crooked. And, after some pretty bad movies in the early 2000s, Hasbro finally managed to produce a good one based on this universe with Entertainment Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Rebels,

Chris Pine in the filmWonder Woman 1984) and Michelle Rodriguez (fast and furious 10) in the cast and grossed over $200 million at the global box office, with plans to create a series based on its universe. And it’s all on a hilarious adventure in which a group of thieves must recover an artifact they’ve given to a sorceress who wants to destroy the world.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Rebels Available for purchase and rental on the Microsoft Store, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

4. Lord of the Universe

He-Man was a Mattel toy that became famous in the 1980s thanks to an animated series that captured the attention of children. This opened the eyes of Hollywood to the possibility of an adaptation, which was released under the name of. lord of the universe,

starring Dolph Lundgren (Creed 2) and Courteney Cox (Friend), the film follows He-Man, Mentor, Teela, and Keychain to Earth on the run from the forces of Skeletor, seeking a master key to travel through different realities.

The live-action was panned by critics and was made well short of its budget, ending the possibility of a planned sequel getting off the ground.

3. Max Steel

Another Mattel toy, Max Steel, was released in 1998 and was the male counterpart to Barbie, complete with animations and versions with different equipment. Secret Agent Puppets featured a storyline in which a young man gains superpowers after being infected with nanotechnology.

Launched in 2016 trying to please new audiences Max SteelAn adaptation with actors who presented a new version of the hero incorporated nanotechnology, superpowers, and fusion with an alien named Steel.

A dreadful film, it cost nearly $10 million to make, yet only grossed $6.3 million at the worldwide box office.

Max Steel is available for purchase and rental on Look and on Google Play and iTunes.

2. GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Anyone who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s has surely seen a miniature of Comandos em Ação, the name given to the GI Joe line in Brazil. By placing characters on two sides, Tiger Force and Cobra Force – or G.I. Joe and Cobra in the American version – War Toys sparked the imagination of a generation.

These dolls had already been adapted into pictures and comics, but were carried over to theaters with their 2009 release. GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Despite not being a great success with the public and critics, the film won the award for the sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliationstarring Dwayne Johnsonblack adam), and a reboot, is called GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes,

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Available for purchase and rental on Netflix and Telecine and on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

1. Barbie

One of the most anticipated movies of 2023, Barbie is the adaptation of the world’s most famous doll. For years, after releasing the animation on home video, Mattel tried to bring out an actor version of the toy.

The film Barbie, which managed to become a phenomenon before its release, starred Margot Robbie (suicide squad), Ryan Gosling (La La Land: The Singing Seasons) and directed by Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird: Time to Fly), and was Mattel’s first big bet for a new wave of customization of its toys.

Bonus: Toy Story

There’s no way to talk about toy movies without mentioning one of Disney’s biggest franchises, toy Story, Although not technically an adaptation of a toy line, the animation features characters that can be purchased prior to their participation in the films.

Toys like Mr. Potato Head are a good example, remember that even well-known toys like Barbie and Ken changed faces as the franchise progressed. toy Story 3several years before its live-action version hit theaters.

full franchise toy Story Available on Disney+.

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