Zapatillas ‘Fuerra de la Oficina’ Tendencia (and Paradoza) by Victoria Federica are the con costume

Victoria Federica is on par Shoes Having a collection of sportswear comparable to that of Bella Hadid or Emily Ratajkowski. Among all the variety – Golden Goose more controversial, Converse more common, Stan Smith of scooters, Nike Jordan of airports -, there are a few clear favourites: they are Shoes out of the office (Out of the Workshop) by Off White Which repeats summer after summer.

Named for an automated response message programmed into emails during the holidays, it’s paradoxical that Victoria Federica paired them with a deep navy blue dress, which could be interpreted as a progression of autumn 2023 trends.

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Victoria Federica poses with a photo session at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid influencer tomas paramo And three girls were carrying cloth bags. Ale Dress A classic model composed of an American cross and a pair of navy blue pants KanaliOne of the many brands of the firm YUSTY 1914.

If you spend more than a year, you’ll get a version of Exclusive Editions Shoes oooo off white In the summer of 2023, Victoria Federica introduced the same model in blue and beige with black cords, with a visual logo of the firm shining through. Less festive and more formal, more of a dress, they are the perfect work game to pair with a dress, however contradictory it may sound because of their name.

jose gnacio visceras

Victoria Federica Marichaler and Tomás Páramo at the Ritz

With a heavy weight on one of the favorite models of modern women (among them Aitana and Hailey Bieber) it is priced at 500 Euros.

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