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Hollywood is in Huelga…

For more than a month, the most famous production house in the world has been grounded by its staff, and that’s because screenwriters, directors and actors have put the brakes on productions to claim their work economically.

to be more precise, he Hollywood Screenwriters Guild ,wgaAction taken against film and television producers (grouped) AMPTP, Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers), which has led to a frenzy of activity, late premieres, postponed or stalled productions, even sets without a director.

there is a nurse in command of the union

acclaimed actress fran drescher Known for her role in the 90s series “La Ninera”, I raised my voice and raised my baton in protest for their acting rights, so I took care of them sheffield In his persona, he now does the same for his colleagues and peers in the film industry.

“We feel that our wages, our creative freedom and the power of our union have been curtailed over the last decade”. Hollywood actors haven’t been in Huelga since the 1980s, and it’s the first time they’ve teamed up with screenwriters since the 1960s, when Ronald Reagan led the union and managed to keep producers under his control within the framework of the prosperous television market”, expressed Fran. Drescher.

The problem is that since the pandemic and the disproportionate growth of platforms streamingBenefits, salaries, and residual pay (financial compensation given to actors each time they appear in series or movies for repeat appearances) have been drastically reduced, a question that is not acceptable to those who have employed their time and effort.

Rahul Telang, professor at Carnegie Mellon University and co-author of the book “Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big Data and the Future of Entertainment” (on streaming and entertainment services), says an entire era of change has been compressed into two years.

Actors of many categories, most famous, famous, with big or small trajectories, are uniting for solidarity and need, as they say “what they earn is not enough”.

How much does a Hollywood actor earn?

actors understand $27.73 per hourwhich currently translates to $464.00 pesos per hour, is being installed by United States Bureau of Labor Statistics ,BLSfrom its abbreviation in English) in 2022 for California actors. However, actors do not receive a full-time salary throughout the year due to the nature of their work.

Also, weekly shows, series or similar programs have similar pay criteria, but they are not respected, or at least not considered to reduce what they feel when they receive it, as explained by the actress. Kelly StewartWho took more than 20 years in the industry:

“When you get paid you don’t get it all, you have to pay taxes and commissions. In my case, it would involve an agent, a manager and a lawyer who negotiates your accounts. When you are given an estimate of what you are going to charge, you know it is going to be 35% more or less than what it really is”, he expressed.

If you can believe that actors earn a lot for their participation in movies without checking for famous magazines in USA, they have dared that fortune is more dependent on their image than their movies, such is the case Dwayne Johnson who generated a fortune with a tequila line that, thanks to its image, managed to take off quickly.

What will happen to Hollywood?

It is expected that the situation will escalate throughout the summer, even as the end of the year continues with petitions, complaints and demands for your rights.

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