What We Know About Nicki Minaj, Tom Holland, and Mark Zuckerberg’s Deepfakes

If you only have a few seconds, read these lines about Nicki Minaj’s deepfakes:

  • British television series ITV published an episode of the program Deep Simulated Neighbor War, In which artificial intelligence created figures of singer Nicki Minaj, actor Tom Holland and Facebook (Meta) founder Mark Zuckerberg were discussed.
  • The program is slated to air in the United Kingdom and Australia in early 2023 and Nicki Minaj tweeted on July 9 this year that she was surprised by its content.
  • ITV includes a warning at the start of each episode and a mark in each scene to clarify what the content is. deepfake,

in a format of reality TV, artificial intelligence of Singer Nicki Minaj and actor Tom Holland were passing by their home while they were told their alleged vesino, entrepreneur and Facebook (meta) creator Mark Zuckerberg entered their property without their permission while they were enjoying their mother’s moonshine. At first glance, the characters appear to be involved in a real situation, or at least a dramatization.

However, neither Minaj, nor Holland, nor Zuckerberg participated in the production by the British series ITV: it’s about a deepfakeA visual technique that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to represent false positions in a video (we covered this technique in FactChequedo).

In this case, the subtle details of the characters’ speech, gestures, and physical dimensions were recreated to reproduce a fictional scene.

yes, the chapter of this program, titled dark fake neighbor war, aired in the United Kingdom and Australia in early 2023, it was on July 9 this year when singer Nicki Minaj responded and posted on twitter Part of the video is accompanied by a text that reads, “¡¡¡ayuda!!!” What is this AI shapeshift cloning conspiracy theory?!?! I hope the whole internet is blacked out!!!”.

This and other chapters, including defakes Starred by celebrities such as Idris Elba and Kim Kardashian, each scene includes an introductory warning and a tag that explains the nature of the content.

fact checked ITV Series was consulted via email to find out what other measures have been taken to prevent the content. dark fake neighbor war Sean used to give wrong information. No response has been received till the publication of this note.

What is a deepfake and how is it different from a version?

How did I explain this to you? fact checked on the last note, deepfake “These are real videos that have been digitally manipulated to create simulated images that look absolutely realistic”. To achieve apparent veracity, facial features and sound are projected onto an actor with similar body shape without being noticed by the audience.

For this purpose, an artificial intelligence generator is trained with a database to detect the biometric details of various images and sounds, once the process is over, it is possible to “generate” a phenomenological representation that simulates the original content.

In contrast, a version is one that is created to change the background of a material in order to change some of its visual or auditory aspects. For example, as reported fact checked, A video is circulating on Twitter purportedly showing President Joe Biden “aggressively” sniffing a child (see here). Comparing it with the original recording, it is possible to identify that the hubo is an audio version, to add to what sounds like a smell.

so much damage deepfake How versions are used to spread misinformation.

fact checked It is a means of verification that creates a Spanish-speaking community in the United States to counter misinformation. Do you want to be a part? sumate wi Check the content you received by sending it to our WhatsApp ,16468736087 Oh,

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