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America has only one place left pending the Champions League and everything is determined in VALORANT America LCQ 2023. There are seven teams vying for glory in total; However, the road is not easy, as we are in for surprises in the semi-final and final of the upper bracket. KRÜ Esports has managed the almost impossible.

He started from the first round as he didn’t have a good season. They beat MIRB 2:0, FURIA ESports 2:1 and surprised everyone with a 2:0 score against South American favorite Leviatán.

This way, Leviathan would drop to the lower bracket and seek their way to the semi-finals of the tournament against the Guardians, a club with big talents like Tenz. Well, victory followed him on the second map, Split. He started the streak with a 13-8 round win at Fracture and it all came down to a defensive card.

There are currently three teams in the race. Leviathan advances to the next round in the lower bracket to face Cloud9, another one of the favorites. While in the Grand Final of KRÜ Esports, Sergio Aguero’s club is waiting quite comfortably.

Semi-final match of the lower bracket

  • Cloud9 vs. Leviathan – July 22, 2:00 pm

VALORANT Americas LCQ 2023 Grand Finals

  • KRU Esports vs. *winner of the previous match – July 23, 14:00

The winner will take the last place in the Champions League, the most important tournament of the year for VALORANT. At the moment, there are already 12 qualifiers that have scored enough points for the season: Evil Geniuses, NRG, LOUD, Fnatic, Team Liquid, FUT ESports, Paper Rex, DRX, T1, EDward Gaming, Bilibili Gaming, Fun Plux Phoenix. .

Remember that you can follow VALORANT International Tournaments through the official VALORANT LA Twitch and YouTube channels. In addition, the shooter’s most popular content creators have the rights to stream VALORANT Americas LCQ 2023.

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