This Is The Perfume Rihanna Wears And You Can Buy A Duplicate Version For Less Than 3,500 Pesos

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Today we present to you the perfume used by Rihanna that you can buy in its duplicate version for 3 thousand 500 pesos less. Find out which fragrance the “Umbrella” singer has agreed to.

on one occasion Belinda reveals one of the most exclusive perfumes in the world of perfumery: Baccarat Rouge 540, The fragrance cost 15,000 pesos, a price that few people could afford.

Something similar happens with the perfume that Rihanna uses and it is one of the recognized perfumes in the perfume world. Yes, I think the creator had different scent inspirations to make it.

Rihanna loves this perfume

Speaking of love, don’t be shy about Killian, the agreed-upon scent of the “Diamonds” interpreter. The perfume costs a little over $300, which is equivalent to a little over 5,000 pesos.

For this reason, we will now share with you the options so that you can buy this perfume at a lower price and for a longer duration.

What is the perfume that Rihanna wears and that you can buy in duplicate for 3,500 pesos less?

It’s Floral Marshmallow by Dozier, a perfume that smells a lot like Rihanna’s. Best price offered by this perfumer site.

Currently, you can get it for 799 pesos, and you can save up to 4,670 pesos by buying this variant. Plus, there’s 20% off on your first purchase at the sale site.

“This unique fragrance is composed of an expressive combination of orange blossom and marshmallow, in addition to refreshing notes of madreselva and neroli.

Experts define it as a “sensual, innocent and joyful” fragrance.

What’s love, don’t be ashamed of Rihanna’s favorite perfume Killian?

While Love, Don’t Be Shy, in its original version by Killian has sweet chords and white flowers with vanilla and caramel tints.

According to Fragrantica: “The nose behind this fragrance is Calais Baker. Top notes are neroli, bergamot, pink pepper and cilantro; Heart notes are orange blossom, jasmine, madreselva, iris and rose; Background notes are sugar, vanilla, caramel, almazcal, civet (civet) and labdanum”.

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