This is how Timothée Chalamet got the role of Willy Wonka

There are actresses and actors who have to go through multiple auditions to get their first big break… and that’s it. Timothée Chalametwhose role i got Willy WonkaWithout listening!

Despite reports over the years that Warner Bros. was dating actors like Donald Glover, Ezra Miller and Ryan Gosling To play Willy Wonka, only Timothée Chalamet received a direct offer to play this legendary character in the director’s musical prequel. Paul King, Wonka.

King recently said Rolling stone Joe is a “fan” of Chalamet and, therefore, knew that the actor had the necessary singing and dancing skills to play Wonka.

“It was a straightforward offer because it’s so cool and in my mind it was the only person who could do it,” says King. “But because he’s Timothée Chalamet and his life is so absurd, his musical performance in middle school is on YouTube and has been viewed thousands of times. So I decided to support Timmy Chalamet because he could sing and dance very well.

“I knew it was in his arsenal, but I didn’t know how good it was. When Hubble happened to him, he became very interested. I performed in secondary school and said to myself: ‘I’d like to show people what I can do’”, he added.

“Certainly try to have darker characters than you would find in the movie ‘Paddington,’ for example. It is a cruel and mean world in which Willy Wonka finds himself as Charlie grows up in a similar town. Unlike the world of ‘Paddington,’ not everyone is pleasant in this world Roald Dahl. I can certainly play with those bizarre ideas, but I hope I don’t harm a generation of kids”, King told the publication.

Wonka’sAnd it will be premiered in theaters worldwide on December 15 by Warner Bros.

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