This? Insider Says Wanda May Appear in “Deadpool 3”

Do we have Scarlet Witch fans online? Then this news is for you! According to the information released on this Friday (30) insider Alex P. On her Twitter profile (@AlexFromCC), Wanda may appear in the film.deadpool 3“, which is currently in production. When a follower asked when the actress played this character Elizabeth Olsen will appear again in the productions of marvel studios, Alex said that there were two possible answers. check out:

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,There are many ways to answer this because it depends on Wanda. If you are referring to Wanda-616 (MCU), she will be featured in Agatha: Coven of Chaos. If you’re talking about Wanda-838, she appears in Deadpool and Wolverine: Mother’s HomeThe insider wrote, also revealing the possible title of the Gabby Mercenary’s third film.

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This version of Wanda from Earth-838 was introduced to the audience during the film.Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness(2022). He is from the same universe as the Illuminati group. But then again, will she really come back? And what would that partnership look like? Only time will bring the answers!

Ryan Reynolds Says ‘Deadpool 3’ Will Have a Different Wolverine Than We Know

“Deadpool 3” One of the most awaited movies of K Phase 5 mcuO! amazing cinematic universe, Not only for the franchise, which is one of the studio’s most popular, but also for the return Hugh Jackman Like Wolverine. and what you said Ryan ReynoldsWe’ll have a different Wolverine than we know.

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Always being asked questions about the plot of Marvel’s most beloved anti-hero new movie, franchise protagonist Ryan Reynolds revealed a little more about how excited he is to co-star with Hugh Jackman. “Deadpool 3”,

“She and I are very excited”Ryan said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada. “We have wanted to do this for over a decade. So strangely enough, I think now is the perfect time for that opportunity to happen.”

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