They strive to take care of the mental health of babies in order to prevent social problems – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

State Congress continues to debate the urgency of the formation of public policyso they guarantee timely and effective psychological assistance; On this occasion, a number of amendments to the law were proposed with the aim of serving the little ones.

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While recognizing the importance of caring for infant mental healthone of the most vulnerable segments of the population and thus prevent them from experiencing serious problems in the future.

The MP who promoted this reform Omar Bazanfurther emphasized the importance of work on the health of minors, as he said that people from 0 to 15 years old introduce 29 percent of the population states; that is, one million 008 thousand 620 people at those ages.

To meet the demand of this population, the representative Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) stressed the urgency of implementing actions in the short, medium and long term, which involve the participation of all authorities, as he argued that only in this way can a better quality of life be guaranteed for new generations.

Therefore, this initiative aims to change Section 15 of the Chihuahua Children’s and Adolescents’ Rights Act be written as follows:

“Define action through the implementation of annual health care programs that identify, diagnose and treat at the basic education level girls, boys and adolescents with mental health problems.”

Bazan Flores recalled that, historically, infants have been denied access to and use of the highest level of health care, they have been denied mental health care, ignoring situations that cause changes in their behavior.

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Therefore, he warned that if we continue like this: “we will be responsible for further transforming our society into young people and adults with many serious mental problems that will have serious consequences for society, such as an increase in the number of suicides and other crimes. addicted to drugs and indifferent to what is happening in society.

For this reason, he insisted that while there has been progress in accessing psychological therapy in schools, it appears to be only a palliative given the conditions and prevalence of mental illness at present.

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