These are the premieres of the week on Prime Video, HBO Max, Filmin and Netflix

each week, platform From Soprenden’s ‘streaming’ with new stars. And what better plan than starting a series, start the day with a new season your favorite novel Or enjoying a good movie.

Here are some of the premieres of the week, along with their synopses and trailers Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Movies & Netflix:


prime video


1. ‘Libre de rire’ premieres July 21

Inmates of the Mexican prison system sign up for a live comedy show directed by comedian Sofia Nino de Rivera, where they have the challenge of turning their personal stories into comedy.


1. ‘Babylon’ releases on July 21

A tale of ambition and wanton excess that follows the rise and fall of several characters during a time of unbridled decadence and depravity in early Hollywood.

Margot Robbie in ‘Babylon’

Photo Credit: Scott Garfield

2. ‘One Piece Film Raid’ to release on July 21

The world’s most loved singer Uta will present herself to the world for the very first time in a live concert. The voice that everyone was waiting for is about to resonate.

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hbo max


1 ‘Smartless: De Gira’ (documentary) premiere 19 de Julio

Leading the way with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Shawn Hayes, they take us backstage for a live tour exclusively with all sold-out entries from their hit podcast, “Smartless”. Traveling from city to city across the country, the trio is joined by celebrities like Conan O’Brien, Will Ferrell, Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel, Kevin Hart, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, David Letterman and other surprise guests .

2. ‘Superpowers: La Historia de DC’ (documentary) premieres 20 de Julio

Narrated by Rosario Dawson, ‘Superpowered: The Story of DC’ takes an unprecedented look at DC’s enduring and influential legacy, allowing fans to revisit the universe of characters as well as the origins of the iconic comics company, its evolution and its cultural impact. Get a chance to find from. for nearly nine decades in all artistic mediums.

‘Superpowered: Chronicles of DC’

hbo max

3. ‘Map’ Astrono 21 de Julio

When his bride and mother of his six-month-old daughter dies unexpectedly, Metin, a young Berliner, learns what it means to be a single priest.




1. ‘Kids in Crime’ releases on July 18

One of the most impressive European series of the last few years. A thrilling story about friendship, love and youth, wrapped in humor and violence, winner of four Gulruten Awards (the Oscars of Norwegian cinema and TV).

The year is 2001. Tommy, a young soccer player whose career has been ruined by a rod injury, and his friend Pal Pot, who has been battling ADHD for years, are immersed in a world of drugs.

‘Kids in Crime’



1. ‘La Gran Juventud’ Premiere 21 de Julio

By the end of the 1980s, Stella, Victor, Adèle and Etienne were in their 20s. Take the entrance exam at the Théâtre des Amandiers de Nanterre, the famous acting school created by Patrice Chéreau and Pierre Romans. Life, passion and love launched at full speed. Together they would experience a pivotal moment in their lives, but also their first of great tragedies.




1. ‘Lo Unknown: La Cueva de los Huesos’ (documentary) premieres 17 de Julio

‘Low Unknown’ is a four-part documentary about the thrill and exploration of unknown and fascinating territories. Each weekly delivery transcends barriers of knowledge, enters impenetrable territories and uncovers the secrets of our world through stories from extraordinary people and places never captured by cameras.

2. ‘Dulce Magnolias’ (Season 3) Premieres 20 De Julio

After a fight at Sullivan’s, Maddie struggles with the best way to help Cal and tries to understand her feelings, Helen faces difficult decisions about the men in her life, and Dana Sue seeks help. Donna searches for a way to use Francis’ check for the community without causing family havoc. The people of Serenity are all driven to find out what drove Dana Sue’s wheels, poverty leads to unexpected consequences and each generation is faced with a few surprises when it comes to love.


1. ‘The Deepest Inspiration’ premieres 19 de Julio

It seems that an apnea champion and an expert security guard are destined to find themselves, albeit on different paths, until they reach the highest point in the world of apnea. A look at the formidable satisfaction—and the inevitable perils—that involve chasing sleeping people through the ocean depths.

2. ‘El Clone de Tyrone’ premieres 21 de Julio

Thrilling breakthroughs lead an unlikely trio (Boyega, Fox and Paris) to investigate a twisted government conspiracy in this ‘Pulp’-style mystery adventure.

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