The young man took four shots and Kim Kardashian’s modeling belt saved him

Skims modeling belt, apparently from Kim KardashianIt does more than just hold the body in place.

Youth Angelina Wiley Shared a video on Tiktok and said that the modeling strap saved his life after being shot four times.

This episode took place in Kansas, United States of America on last New Year’s. Angelina was out with a friend and during a fight a man started shooting at everyone around her.

Angelina did not immediately realize that she had been shot, but at the hospital the girl learned that she had been shot four times and that one bullet had hit her stomach.

“Kim Kardashian saved my life. I was shot four times in this new year. The night I was shot, I was wearing a Skims bodysuit under my dress. He was so hard on me that he literally made me bleed,” she said.

Despite the tragedy, Angelina made fun of the situation. “That’s what I suggest. I’ll definitely buy some more. I mean, I should wear it every day. It’s like armor for women. Call it fate or Jesus, but I’ll call it Kim,” she said.


Kim Kardashian admitted in an Instagram post that she was quite “scared” after spotting a shadowy, unidentified figure in a selfie while she was alone and at her dress fitting. The businesswoman posted a picture of herself posing in the mirror to her 362 million Instagram followers, revealing that she had spotted a ‘woman’ in the background of the image.

In the photo, Kim is wearing a pink dress and her hair is tied in a messy bun. However, in the background of the image, the reflection of the window appears to represent an unidentified figure of an unknown woman.

Kim captioned the post: “So I took this picture last week when I was alone and now checking my phone I’m freaking out seeing a lady in the window.”

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