Taylor Swift continues to top the British bestseller list with a new edition of ‘Speak Now’.

Speak Now (Taylor's Version)


Taylor Swift debuts at number one on the British Albums Sales chart with a new version ofSpeak Now (Taylor’s Version)’, Which in terms of sales surpassed the rest of the top 1 with more than 67,000 units in the first seven days.Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ It also topped the official list of vinyl albums, selling over 22,500 copies in its first seven days, more than a third of the total.

The disc, which peaked at No. 6 upon its release in 2010, marks the artist’s tenth No. 1 in the United Kingdom in just 10 years and eight months. In addition, Taylor managed to place five other LPs in the top 40: Midnights (9), 1989 (10), Lover (12), Reputation (21) and Folklore (25).

One of the week’s other major entries is the El Nuevo Recopilatorio de Singles Day starring Wow! ,Single: Echoes from the Edge of Heaven‘, which marked the group’s sixth top 10 hit in the United Kingdom. Sierra El Top 3 El Nuevo Disco Day Gabriel,Angels and Queens’marking the band’s best position in the UK.

1. (e) Taylor Swift – Speak Up Now (Taylor’s Version)
2. (e) Wham! – single – echoes from the shore
3. (re)Gabriel – Angels and Queens – Part 1
4. (3) The Weekend – The Highlights
5. (e) PJ Harvey – I’m Inside the Old Year Dying
6. (e) D-Block Europe – DBE World
7. (2) Elton John – Diamonds
8. (5) Harry Styles – Harry’s House
9. (6) Taylor Swift – Midnights
10. (14) Taylor Swift – 1989


Dave and CentralC

1. (1) Dave and the Central Sea – Sprinter
2.(e) Olivia Rodrigo – Vampire
3. (6) Taylor Swift – Cruel Summer
4. (3) Jay Huss Ft. drake – who told you
5. (7) Peggy Gow – (It Goes Like) Nana
6. (e) Taylor Swift – I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)
7. (8) Hannah Ling & Roro – Good Love
9. (15) Dave / Corey / Henderson – 0800 Heaven
10. (12) Kylie Minogue – Padma Padma

the single’athlete‘ In Dave or Central CE The single topped the chart for the sixth week in a row, with 8.2 million streams over the past seven days, and has once again become the most followed song in the country.

Taylor Swift He is also the protagonist of the list of singles after the release of the re-recorded version. ‘Speak now, Two disco songs entered the singles list: ‘I Can See You (Taylor’s Version)’ at number 6 (peaking at number 23 in the top 10) and ‘Enchanted (Taylor’s Version)’ at number 15.

Besides, your songcruel Summer‘ (included in the 2019 album)Lover‘) continues its exponential rise week after week, moving up three steps to number 3.

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