Talia broke it dancing super sensual in a bikini to the beat of a catchy song

The singer danced to the beat of “Sufre mamón”, her new single from her mixtape Thalia, without a doubt she is one of the artists with the longest history in the Latin scene, becoming famous as an actress in the late 80s and consolidating herself. as one of the most iconic women of the early 1990s thanks to the three Marias she played: Maria Mercedes, Marimar and Maria la del Barrio, soap operas that are still airing today.

His unstoppable career continues to add success. Among his recent documentaries is Thalia’s Mixtape: The Soundtrack of My Life, which includes an interpretation of “Sufre mamón”, a new version of the Spanish band Hombres G, in which he collaborated with their vocalist David Summers.

Now, in honor of this collaboration, the Latin goddess has shared a post that has taken the web by storm. The artist was wearing a spectacular pink bikini, with which she fervently danced to the rhythm of this hit. The pictures, as expected, made a splash.

In addition to the incredible talent, the Aztec artist has a bright image. And in this regard, a few hours ago, in her official Instagram feed, Talia added a video in which she can be seen in a pink microbikini in front of a mirror, which not only emphasized her beauty, but also her stately figure.

On several occasions, the interpreter stated that she took care of herself with a strict diet and daily grueling physical exercise. Although it has always been assumed that in her youth, the Mexican singer underwent surgery to remove her ribs, she has repeatedly denied this version.

“If I gain weight, if I lose weight, if I don’t have ribs, today I have an answer to any question,” Talia responded in 2000 in the topic “Destruction”, when rumors continued about whether she underwent surgery for rib removal. and thus achieve the slim waist that characterizes him.

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