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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, writers and producers of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, discuss how their approach to animation sets their film apart from other animated films. Speaking to The Associated Press, Miller explained how he sees this as a start for an unlimited number of things the studio can do in film:

“It was an opportunity to showcase the limitless possibilities of animation in a studio film. For a long time the studio demanded that all these films look the same. And we wanted to open the door for that.”

Miller and Lord’s Spider-Verse trilogy has reached its second chapter after nearly five years, a thousand crew, and an infinite number of Spider-variants. In Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Lord and Miller decided not only to exceed the highs of their 2018 original, but also to subvert the expectations of big-studio animation and even more by making the sequel.

Lord said, “When you have the trust of an audience, as I hope we did with the first film, you want to use it as a springboard to take more risks.” “We cannot justify doing this with any other story or any other point in our careers. We thought: Let’s throw the bat as big as we can.

Returning to the cast of Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse is Shameik Moore (Miles Morales), Hailee Steinfeld (Gwen Stacy), Jake Johnson (Peter B. Parker), Brian Tyree Henry (Miguel O’Hara), Brian Tiree included. Henry (Jeffreys Davis) Luna Lauren Velez (Rio Morales) and Greta Lee (Lyla). Issa Rae (Jessica Drew), Rachel Dratch (Director), Zoma Taccone, Shea Whigham (George Stacy), Daniel Kaluuya (Panko Spider), Karan Soni (Indian Spider), Andy Samberg (Ben Reilly) joining the series for the first time Are. ), Amadla Steinberg (Spider-Bite), Jorma Taccone (Adrian Toms) and Jason Schwartzman (Mancha).

Directed by Kemp Powers, Justin K. Thompson and Joaquim dos Santos, with a screenplay by Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Dave Callaham.

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