Sofia Vergara has assets worth 866 million reais protected by a prenuptial agreement. understand | celebrities

Actress Sofia Vergara will have no financial loss after her marriage to actor Joe Manganiello. British tabloid Daily Mail reports that the former “Modern Family” star and her now ex-husband have signed a strict prenuptial agreement with a view to keeping their fortunes separate.

Vergara has an estimated net worth of US$180 million (R$866 million), while Manganiello has a net worth of about US$40 million (R$192 million).

Sofia Vergara holidaying in Italy – Photo: Instagram

The 51-year-old Colombian actress was the highest paid TV performer in the world for most of her 11 seasons on ‘Modern Family’. He was paid $500,000 per episode during the most successful phase of production. He received an estimated total salary of $43 million (R$206 million) in 2020. As a judge on the talent show America’s Got Talent, she earns $70,000 per episode, which translates to $10 million per season.

In 2015, in an interview with broadcaster Howard Stern shortly after their wedding, she joked about the prenuptial agreement she signed with her husband: “He (Magniello) said, ‘Do what you want, I’ll sign it. I will do what you want'”.

Vergara went on to appear in films such as ‘Amante e Domicilio’ (2013), ‘Beautiful and Persecuted’ (2015) and ‘The Chemistry of Love’ (2019). Shown between 2009 and 2020, ‘Modern Family’ is one of the highlights of the actress’ career, earning her four Emmy Award nominations. Manganiello has starred in the “Spider-Man”, “Magic Mike” and “Batman” franchises.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello – Photo: Instagram

The end of the marriage was confirmed on July 17 through a statement signed by both celebrities: “We have made the difficult decision to divorce. As two people who love and care deeply for each other, we humbly request you to respect our privacy as we move forward into this new phase of our lives.

The reasons for the end of the marriage were reported by the British newspapers Daily Mail and The Sun. Unnamed sources close to both actors reported that the separate lifestyles of the actor and actress were key to the end of their romance, which included constant clubbing and tensions related to alcohol consumption.

Both sources state that Manganiello has been a taciturn for 21 years, so he prefers to avoid parties and gatherings. Vergara, on the other hand, insists on always keeping the house full at informal parties and ballads with friends.

Sofia Vergara during a trip to Italy – Photo: Instagram

“Clearly, Sofia’s non-drinking habit has taken a toll on their marriage,” the source added. “He (Manganiello) came to know about it when the two started going out and after the marriage. He never thought he could change her, but he also didn’t think it would affect their marriage.”

The Sun’s contact said: “Sophia and Joe have been happy together and for much longer than their close friends believed. a fact that relates to the two’s different relationships with regards to parties and drinks. Sophia enjoys cocktails and drinks with friends.

The source added that Vergara’s habit of having friends over and throwing parties has become “incredibly burdensome” for Manganiello in recent years.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello – Photo: Instagram

The now former couple’s private advisers have yet to publicly comment on the two British publications’ reports of links.

One of the first public statements from celebrities about the split came from actress Julie Bowen, a personal friend of Vergara’s and the actor’s “Modern Family” co-star. She took to the comments section of a friend’s recent post with pictures from her current stay in Italy, and wrote: “That’s what a single woman on fire looks like!!!”.

Sofia Vergara and Julie Bowen co-star in ‘Modern Family’ – Photo: Playback/Instagram

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