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are numerous stress reduction techniques, But not everyone likes them. in case of actress Salma Hayekthe choice fell on A finish practiceknown as dry sauna, And what is it about? they are hot bath For remove toxins from the skin, relax your muscles and reduce stress. From the Romans to the Turks, passing through the Aztecs and Finns, there are many types of hot baths.

it is certain that Finns are crazy about real saunas and made her mine national practice, The specialty of the Finnish sauna is that it is dry. practiced in huts completely covered with wood and with very low humidity (Maximum 25%). A temperature reaches in Between 70ºC and 100ºC. for the Finns, in addition to being a remedial measurethis is a social meeting place.

As long as everyone’s health allows it, this type of sauna It should be done right after practicing any type of sport, And, in the beginning, it is always advisable to start small (start with 5 minutes and never more than 20).

The Mexican actress has joined the ways of the Scandinavian countries and shows it through her Instagram account. The dry sauna has great therapeutic powers. Despite what some people think, it does not help you lose weight or detoxify your body. yours benefits are manyAnd of which these five are the main ones: muscle relaxants it is decrease in body pain, stress reduction Thanks to its vasodilator power, skin purification Because of its power to dilate the pores of the skin, thereby helping them remove impurities And thank you for the feeling of well-being that comes from it.

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