Roblox employees criticize company’s lack of diversity and cases of discrimination

Roblox employees denounced the Roblox corporation for instances of discrimination and the company’s lack of efforts to increase diversity.

roblox corporationthe developer of this phenomenon that drives kids (and not so kids) crazy, called Roblox, has been accused by several employees of promoting a work culture that marginalizes minorities and make no effort increase diversity.

Several employees spoke to Bloomberg (via the gaming industry) denouncing situations where they felt marginalized, including using discriminatory language with women or people of color.

One of the incidents described happened in 2021 when an employee remembered a time when the VP used racially discriminatory language when it comes to hiring female managers.

The Vice President was subsequently disciplined and issued an apology. They still work for the company today.

Four other employees (current and former employees) stated that they received “racially charged” comments which “were often heard among BIPOC peers such as ‘confrontational’, ‘daring’, ‘belligerent’ and ‘aggressive'”. (BIPOC is an acronym for “black”, “native”, and “person of color”.)

No effort from Roblox to increase the number of female managers

In addition, they condemn the fact that there are practically no women in leadership positions. The company responded to the publication by stating that they do not have “goals for hiring or promoting different employees,” but they provided data showing a slight increase in diversity across all of their employees (who number more than 2,000).

Between 2020 and May 2023, the number of women working at Roblox increased from 24% to 27%, while the number of white workers decreased from 43% to 36%.

A Roblox spokesperson said that the company “believe in the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace” And “expects all employees to treat each other with courtesy and respect“.

Robloxavailable on Xbox One, PC, and iOS and Android mobile devices, is an extremely popular game with over 150 million active users, where users create their own games, such as the much deeper Minecraft, and earn $7 million a day.

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