“Pooch Syndrome”? Webb saves Zuxa’s anger and compares: “It could be Anita”.

In another video that has surfaced – this one the most recent – Xuxa herself compares her trajectory to Anita’s and says that she already felt like holding the singer in her arms and seeing all the hardships she faced. Take care of him while doing it. Together. Photos: Bled Meneghel; Instagram/@qgdaanitta

part of the side effects of “Zuksa, The Documentary”which premiered last week Globoplaywhich has an old video Xuxa talk about internationalization of your career. As far as faustaoin years time 1980The “Queen of the Little Ones” Satirised the attitude of Brazilians to harsh criticism, in the face of the progress of his international career – a movement known as the web “Mute Syndrome”, The video, which ended up fueling a debate on the reality of the situation in the contemporary pop scene, drew comparisons with the trajectory of Anita,

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Photo: Bled Meneghel

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“People are not happy that I’m successful abroad… For example: ‘Ah, she’s successful in Argentina, but her program is great in the United States’; ‘Oh, she looks like that, but she has He is not.’ This jealousy of people is something that is difficult to deal with.”vent Xuxa In an excerpt that is resonating across the web.



A “Mute Syndrome”As many people here call it, is a movement that has been discussed on the internet for years and it appears when a Brazilian artist gains strength and starts to stand out in other markets beyond the borders of Brazil. Is.

This is a situation seen by big names, mainly, from pop music, as they are exported to the international market, but face a certain resistance from the public of their country of origin – in this case, Brazil. Among many people, there is a continuing movement to reduce a national ‘product’ to a praise of what comes from abroad, as if our artists would never be of any value abroad. Anita, Ludmila and Luisa Sonja There are examples of careers that were affected by this “avalanche”.

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see the debate arising from the testimony of Xuxa,

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