Pokémon GO will repeat Squirtle Community Day

because of problems signing in with Pokémon Trainer Club accounts, Niantic decided to repeat the Squirtle Community Day; You could say he made water everywhere…

Event will be repeated this Sunday, July 23, from 14:00 to 17:00. (from 2 to 5 days, bareback). remember take plenty of water with you and protect yourself from the sun if you live in any of the areas affected by the heat wave. As much as we love to hunt these adorable little turtles, we must not forget that the event will take place in the time frame when the sun is at its strongest.

Let’s take a look at what this event brings:

  • Massive view of a squirtle.
  • huge mayonnaiser Chance to spawn a Shiny Squirtle.
  • Exclusive move when evolving into Wartortle: hydro gun.
  • Eggs will need 1/4 normal distance to hatch.
  • Lure and incense modules will be increased to 3 hours (adventure day incense does not count).
  • You can purchase a Special Investigation for €0.99 or equivalent where you live.
  • Exclusive field studies where after capturing 3 Squirtle you can get squirtle in sunglasses; maybe even shiny.
  • The best IVs for PVP would be:
    • Girls Cup: 15.00.14 (Squirtle).
    • Super League: 01/15/15 (Blastoys)
    • Ultraleague: 12.00.15 (Blastoys)

remember that you can activate the water-type mega to increase the number of candies What do you get with every catch?

With that and pokocho… I hope your Sunday is filled with the perfect Shiny Squirtles as we love them.

See you, coaches!

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