Overwatch 2 will be the first Blizzard game to appear on Steam

If anything has characterized Blizzard games for over two decades, it’s that if you want to play something on PC, it’s only on the platform. Things are about to change as the Irvine, California-based company plans to bring their games to Steam starting with Overwatch 2.

The world needs heroes on other platforms

In a press release, Blizzard reveals that starting August 10, PC gamers will be able to play the team-based shooter through Steam, using many of the features offered by the PC gaming platform. According to the company, the goal of this change is to “make it easier for players around the world to find and enjoy their games,” giving players another opportunity to continue to enjoy and grow the gaming community.

“While will remain a priority for us now and in the future, we have heard from our players about choosing Steam for some of our games,” said Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard Entertainment.

This does not mean that Overwatch 2 will no longer be available on In fact, it will still be necessary to have an account on that platform to be able to link it to a game on Steam, as happened a few months ago when crossplay allowed players to play between consoles and PC, as well as keep in touch with friends regardless of the platform they were on.

“Gamers will have another platform to play their favorite games on with the power of Steam, and developers will benefit from having the talented Blizzard team help develop the features we support,” said Gabe Newell, president of Valve.

On the other hand, players who play on Steam will have platform-specific features when playing Overwatch 2, such as using the Steam friends list to invite them to the game, as well as earning in-game achievements.

What other Blizzard games are coming to Steam?

For now, Blizzard won’t mention which (or which) games will be next, but it looks like this port will finally allow us to use these games in other ways, like Steam Deck. At the moment, the Overwatch 2 page on Steam is already open.

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