Overwatch 2 is coming to Steam, and it’s just the first step in a historic change from Blizzard that will bring many more games to the Valve store – Overwatch 2

After more than two decades without leaving its own platform, Blizzard is opening the door to releases outside of

Blizzard has informed players that Overwatch 2 will be released in Steam He next day August 10, 2023. A historic change for a company that has never offered games outside of its own platform. was a must for anyone who wanted to enjoy this developer’s video games that hasn’t changed his mind since he launched his service in 1996. The company’s only openness was necessary in order to be able to release its video games on video consoles. All this despite the fact that Activision is familiar with the Valve store.

Blizzard and Gabe Newell Discuss Overwatch 2 on Steam

As it turns out from BlizzardOverwatch 2 will premiere just the first step towards what promises to be a long collaboration. “As we evolved, the gaming industry followed suit. Games are no longer exclusive to a particular community, as they were when launched over two decades ago. Games are now available to everyone, and while we will continue to invest in and support, we want to break down the barriers to make it easy for all players to enjoy our games wherever they want“, justified by the company.

Gabe Newell was also pleased with the situation. The president Valve It explains the following: “The fact that Overwatch 2 will be released on Steam will benefit both players and developers. Players will enjoy a different platform where they can play their favorite games and take advantage of Steam features, and developers will benefit from the opportunity to enlist the support of the talented Blizzard team to improve Overwatch 2’s features and functionality.” From Blizzard they defend this as it is a team game and a “free game”. his shooter is best suited to start this new stage of cooperation between brands.

After Overwatch 2, there will be more Blizzard games on Steam.

The launch date is not the result of chance. The new Invasion season of Overwatch 2 begins on August 10. This includes a new game mode, maps and a heroine. It will also be the first to include the first missions of the highly controversial campaign mode that finally it will be released as a paid DLC and with features cut from the original plans announced by the company. In any case, and despite this blurring, the truth is that this sensational opportunity to take advantage of the situation and attract many new players to the flight.

Aftermath of Overwatch 2 on Steam

Despite the fact that the Blizzard public is used to, the emergence of a video game on the platform of the queen PC could open the door to new players. In disparate cases, in a lawsuit involving the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, it emerged that No release of Call of Duty on Steam hit sales hard. In addition, it will also satisfy the curiosity of the players. For example, now we can find out the number of concurrent users at any time and easier to follow updates in search of more information.

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