Overwatch 2 already has a date on Steam, more Blizzard games to follow

It finally happened. The studio decided that it was not worth tying many of its games to its launcher and would allow them to be available in other stores. Blizzard announced the date when Overwatch 2 will be available on Steam and a decision was made to be able to offer other games such as Diablo IV And World of Warcraft outside of

What is the release date Overwatch 2 in steam?

We can find it in the Valve store from Thursday, August 10, 2023. Keep in mind that this is a free game and although it has improved a lot since its official release, it still has some issues.

Blizzard has announced a date for Overwatch 2 to release its exclusive on PC and release on Steam, confirming that more games will follow.

While on Steam, they will be able to use their Steam Friends list to match players and complete achievements. It won’t stop still need a account to login to the game.

Will we see more Blizzard games on Steam?

Definitely yes. In an official statement, Mike Ybarra, president of the study, confirms that Overwatch 2 this is just the first Blizzard game we’ll be able to play on Steam. At the moment, it is not known which others will arrive and when.

Why change?

The statement says that this should “break down the barriers so that gamers around the world can easily find and enjoy these games.” But it should be noted that attempts by Activision Blizzard to increase the popularity of their platform were unsuccessful. They recently admitted that hosting games call of Duty it was a failure.

as it seems that maybe cooperation Wow And Overwatch With Fortnite soonwe do not rule out that these games will also make it to the Epic Games Store.

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