Nigran celebrates a free night route in which you must find the criminal


Nigran continues his commitment to popularizing guided walks around the municipality that promotes a healthy lifestyle, and in turn reveals his best secrets “to the fullest” to emphasize that this municipality has more to offer than the sun. and the beach. This time, moreover, in a Cluedo-style game format in which players must find a mysterious killer.

So, This Saturday from 21:00., will premiere a theatrical itinerary inspired by the crime novel “A praia dos afogados”, in which Domingo Villar, who died unexpectedly in May 2022, portrayed the municipality. The route, organized by the Teatro do Ar in collaboration with the Somos Terra cooperative, will start in Monteferro, namely on Portocelo Street (Click here) and will end in the port of Punkson.

Although the route is free, you must pre-registration as it is limited to a maximum of 25 participants. It can be issued on the municipal website (Click here). People who will participate will be required to carry a flashlight and a reflective vest. In addition, it is also important to remember that the route is not circular and will last approximately two hours.

The Teatro do Ar explains that the itinerary will be inspired by the events and characters of the book, but it’s not the same story. “We want to share the essence that Domingo Villar gave us to get people to his work through two sections of the route.”, explain. The participants of the route will have to guess which of the characters accompanying them is the real killer or the killer of the sailor.

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