MC Pipoquinha reacts to his music at Beyoncé’s concert and suggests a partnership.

MC Pipoquinha and Beyoncé. (Photo: Instagram/@pipokinhaoriginal and

After detecting that your song is on “Renaissance World Tour”, mc pipoquinha revealed what his reaction was on receiving the video of that moment. For those who don’t know, the funk artist played one of his songs during the pre-show of the performance. Beyoncé which happened last Saturday (15) nashvillein the United States.

Beyoncé continues to tour the United States with the “Renaissance World Tour”. (Photo:

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Earlier Beyoncé On stage to perform with “Renaissance World Tour”, the DJ responsible for the pre-show forced the public to dance along to some strange songs, which surprised the Brazilian fans present. setlist was played between “Boot on Pipoquinha”partnership of mc Popcorn Together DJ Felipinho 013, DJ Noguera & DJ Pablo RB,

Videos of that moment began to be released on social networks and of course reached mc pipoquinha, who assumed she was surprised by the reach of her music. “It’s unreal to me. I’m a fan of his, I really admire his work as an artist”, he commented.

With this achievement, the funk artist hopes to reach a new level: partnership with the voice that sings the track. “Renaissance”, ,Have you ever wondered about the Pipoquinha feat with Beyonce?! It will be the height of bliss!”suggested.

The thing to remember is that this is not the first time that the songs mc pipoquinha Play outside Brazil. recently, mc pipoquinha went through a series of sold out concerts by europe, Soon after, he had his song “Put Everything in This Shit” touched after the party on one haute couture show In pugliain Italy.

on this occasion, Diploma Was one of the DJs responsible for the show at the party. was by your side Anita, who didn’t miss the opportunity and danced to the music of the funk artist on the sets. check out!

where will it be after all this mc pipoquinha Will it come with Brazilian funk? We can only wait for the scenes from the next chapters.

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