Margot Robbie has reacted to people’s obsession with her pie

Margot Robbie has seen what fans are searching about her on Google and she has some thoughts about it.

The 33-year-old actress, best known for playing Barbie, revealed in a new interview that Hubo one of the two times I looked up news about myself on the internet and found several people looking for images of her pie!

during an interview with cinema blandMargot talks about this curious discovery.

“The first time you search me on Google, you know when you type something into Google and predict how it’s going to work out, I started working and was into things and I never searched for me before, then I typed ‘Margot Robbie’… and before I typed ‘Robbie’, ‘Margot Robbie Pies’ started appearing”I say to the magazine.

At first trust me it was going to sound a bit weird.

“click on that and tell me that there were, you know, big pictures of my pie and people were writing about it”They say. “Someone made a compilation of my Pi videos”.

Margot has overcome the “extrana” phase and now she has got Halagdor.

“Tell me, ‘Oh wow! That’s one thing I didn’t account for’. And since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of iconic films, and I have a few shots of my pie that I believe only fueled this idea.”Anade. “I have to say that I’m kind of bummed that people are so excited about my pie”.


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