LoL: When will Split 2 start? Elo reset dates in the ranking

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Photo: Riot Games

After a few hours of rest, League of Legends ranked matches will soon resume! As a reminder, this year Riot Games decided to host Teamporada 13 in two rating splits, for a double reward! The first season is behind us, but it’s time to attack the second, knowing that there was a software reset between them. Please note that changes may be larger than expected as a new range has been introduced: range Emerald located between Platinum and Brilliant.

For those who want to get to the top of the stairs as quickly as possible, set an alarm. The games will be counted from the “exact” time. The quotes are in order, as there is some confusion in the message.

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Commencement of hostilities at noon English time

The new classified segment opens at noon in the BST (British Summer Time) zone, corresponding to 13:00. for us (the time of the Spanish peninsula). In general, Riot Games decided to start everything at noon local time, but in the case of the European server, there are several time zones, and London was chosen as a reference point.

If at first we thought that we would start at noon, then this leaves a small margin to eat in peace and gain strength. While ranked games are often psychologically challenging, it’s best not to play on an empty stomach.

Misleading tweet from LoL France?

IN Twitter , the League of Legends France account announced that the qualifiers will start at 14:00… Which caused some confusion as the patch note does not say the same. This time we tend to trust the patch notes more. Also, when we cross the two provided indicators: 12.00 BST and 4.00 PST, we are back to 13.00 CET.

So we’re guessing CM was a bit quick… unless he foresaw some kind of error. Between the new patch, the start of ranked matches, the arrival of a new rank and the 2v2v2v2 game mode, many are betting on an explosion game client.

Patch 13.14 for LoL: arena mode and the arrival of Naafiri

These are the patch notes for League of Legends 13.14. The great summer event is coming to its roadmap with a lot of new products. A new Naafiri champion, new Spirit Battle themed skins, and of course an Arena mode.

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