Lily Estefan is unrecognizable; the disease DEFORMED his face; Are you leaving El Gordo y La Flaca?


After several rumors questioning his succession in “Fat and skinny“Because of the severe health problems he is experiencing, lily estefan I had to break the silence and tell about the terrible disease what influenced her and what deformed the face. The facilitator gave details of what she faced and how she was affected by the fact that she saw herself in the mirror and realized that she unrecognizable.

health lily estefan This has been the trend of recent days, because the Cuban has been absent for several days from the program in which she is the main star, along with Raul de Molina, which was not the case before, since the famous woman is very professional and always works on what she is passionate about.

However disease He “knocked” her off her feet and made her absent from the show, which caused concern among her fans, who immediately asked about Lily and how she was, especially when it turned out that she was not well at home. In the midst of this scandal and speculation, it was she who came out in front of the cameras and told what was happening to her.

Lily Estefan reveals the ILLNESS that DEFORMED her face and will she continue in El Gordo y la Flaca

Missing a week from the program lily estefan returned to the forumFat and skinny“and she told what happened to her last Friday, July 7: it all started at a dinner hosted by her show partner Raul de Molina, who invited her to his house with other friends to enjoy a pleasant evening. A few hours after the meeting, the 56-year-old presenter introduced allergy it affected his skin, especially his Expensive Well I do not know deformed.

This is how Lily Estefan reappeared after suffering a terrible skin disease. Photo: Instagram @elgordoylaflaca

“The last thing I did on Friday, not what just happened, but the previous one, was to go to your house for dinner,” the host said. “20 people and nothing happened to him,” de Molina said, defending the quality of the food he offered at dinner. dermatitis contact me allergic to certain contact chemicals,” Lily explained. Despite how difficult it was for her, Estefan has no plans to leave.”Fat and skinnyOn the contrary, she was glad to be back on the forum.

The situation was serious, to the extent that “he was deformed the face“And Raul himself witnessed this when his friend made a video call to show him how his face had changed as a result of allergic reaction. At the moment, the presenter remains under the supervision of doctors and undergoes an examination to determine what caused her. disease. At the moment, lily estefan She has changed her lifestyle: she no longer wears the same make-up she used to, and she won’t be able to wear nail polish until she finds out what happened to her.

Photo: Instagram @liliestefan

What is contact dermatitis and what are its symptoms?

According to Mayo Clinic, dermatitis contact – an itchy rash caused by direct contact with a substance or an allergic reaction to it; The rash is not contagious, but very annoying, so if it interferes with your daily activities, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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