KOI and the Heretics risk everything in a fratricidal duel

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The time has come. The last chance for Spanish VALORANT teams on VCT opens this afternoon. Neither KOI, hi Heretics, nor the Giants could qualify for the World Cup, the Champions League in Los Angelesin previous competitions, so now they have to do it at the last regional tournament of the year.

A very difficult situation, because only two of the six teams that will give their all for the qualification will be able to pass this round (not counting Vitality, who decided not to participate after what happened with Twisten). AND This start of the tournament will be especially interesting for the Spanish fans, as well as difficult for the teams from our country.

The first confrontation does not have a second chance in the lower bracket, and because of this, one of the two Spanish teams that will face each other today is eliminated. KOI and Heretics will fight to keep moving forward and the other one can finish his year. KOI and Heretics had a similar season, much worse than they would have liked. In the specific section, the two teams faced each other with a KOI win.

This is the chief hope of those Barbarra and Gokeda who they have already been able to get past the heretics in the regular season. But the road doesn’t end with today’s game. Behind it, tomorrow whoever wins will fight with NaVi, one of the brightest teams of the season, looking for a place in the semi-finals of the upper bracket. In the same position as NaVi, but at the other end of the field, the Giants are waitingwho will play the winner of KCorp against BBL.

The first of the day’s matches will start at 17:00, and it will be exactly the match between the two Spaniards.. The second one, KCorp-BBL, will be played around 20:00.

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