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Profiles on OnlyFans have made a lot of money for many international models and influencers. a list published by the website Short Revealed how famous some people are Bella Thorne, cardi b and even adult material actress Mia Khalifa Earn monthly from the platform.

For example, the three mentioned above are among the main attractions that receive over R$50 million per month from fan subscriptions alone. Each user who pays for access to the platform receives distributions ranging from US$4.99 (about R$23) to US$30 (R$143.90).

See below who are the highest paid muse on OnlyFans:

The rapper became particularly famous because of her feud with her ex, Rob Kardashian, scion of the Kardashian clan, with whom she has a daughter, Dream. Currently, she earns around US$20 million (R$95.9 million) from fan subscriptions, for which she charges a monthly fee of US$19.99 (R$95).

Blac Chyna – Photo: Reproductions/Instagram

Bella Thorne

Top, who was one of the first people to create a profile on the platform, is currently the highest paid person on OnlyFans, earning US$11 million (about R$52.7 million) per month. fiddle opened its account in 2019, and was also the first to cross US$1 million (R$4.8 million) in revenue in just 24 hours, reports Briefly.

Bella Thorne – Photo: Reproductions/Instagram

cardi b

Rapper Cardi B is not far behind Bella Thorne and earns around US$9.4 million (R$45 million) per month. The number of subscribers is impressive, as its monthly fee is one of the cheapest on the platform – just US$4.99 (R$23.9). There are over 81 million fans who pay to see behind the scenes photos and videos of his work and some more spicy stuff.

Cardi B – Photo: Reproductions/Instagram

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa Famously known for many years in the adult entertainment industry for starring in erotic and pornographic films. The Lebanese model currently raises around US$6.42 million (R$30.7 million) per month, with her OnlyFans profile charging US$12.99 (R$62) for exclusive content, and brings together over 22 million followers.

Mia Khalifa – Photo: Reproductions/Instagram

Erica Mena

The famous model on American TV offers adult content for a subscription of US$25.99 (R$124.6) and currently reaches a monthly revenue of US$4.49 million (US$21.5 million).

Erica Mena – Photo: reproduction/Instagram

Gemma McCourt

The North American model became very famous when she opened her OnlyFans account in 2019. She currently earns US$2.3 million (R$11 million) per month by charging a monthly membership fee of US$30 (R$143.9).

Gemma McCourt – Photo: Reproductions/Instagram

sink mia

The influencer began her career on the Internet with a YouTube channel, and has also emerged as a singer and actress in the United States. However, one of her main income currently comes from OnlyFans, as she charges US$10 (R$47.9) monthly and earns US$2.2 million (R$10 million) per month.

Pia Mia – Photo: reproduction/Instagram

Danny Harwood

The Welsh actress charges US$12.99 (R$62.3) per month and is known for constantly promoting her OnlyFans profile. Monthly revenue is approximately US$1.4 million (R$6.7 million).

Danny Harwood – Photo: Reproductions/Instagram

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