Kim Kardashian gets her beauty team to photograph her driving meet

Ale The Kardashian family has its own reality show In which each of them counts their day to day, whether idle or at work. One of the most visible in front of the camera Kim Kardashian. The influencer is used by the program team to follow him around all the time.

One of the aspects that caught the attention of the audience the most was the time there Kanye West’s ex has revealed what the process of getting a driver’s license at the Department of Motor Vehicles has been like. For that, she asked for a photo and she could not allow herself to be badly exposed in the official photo for the license.

kim booked the whole place For him. thus ensured I can join your beautification, photography and lighting team. The influencer assured that the picture is very important as it will be in his driving car for the next five years. You also have the privilege of choosing the photo you liked the most, something most citizens cannot do.

Kim Kardashian justifies herself: “This is the most important picture taken in your life”

This extravagance has not gone down well with many, who have decided to criticize her for being so superficial and taking so much care of her appearance. “This is the most important photo you will take in your life. I really want you to take a good look at it, Why not bring a short glamorous dress? Definitely It’s crazy, but I don’t care”. defended myself Kim,

Aunke has also raised the debate that people should probably be more concerned about how official photographs are sold. Zapendo has set its sights on this topic. “I reserved DGT from there on only for him and set up a dyeing with my own studio,” explained María Gómez.

maya pixelskaya i left some of it Kim Kardashian: “Yo Lo Wayo Normal”. Dani Mateo If you have any questions: “¿No le Saldria Major make a mask and put it in these cases?”And then you just wear it, “take a photo and take it,” according to the presenter.

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