“Kendrick Lamar is the true definition of an artist”

Podcast “Heart to Heart” actor and comedian Kevin Hart This is pure gold. On the grassroots it takes the show to authentic world icons who refuse to go the other way, but who manage to bring forth their most honest thoughts through their grace and desperation.

Every way. with a recent interview with Doctor. dre It has not come apart. told in his dre that’s why Kendrick Lamar He stands out from the rest of the cast and because the Californian will always shine. You already know that the super producer signed Lamar in 2012 and added him to the rest of his talented finds: eminem, 50 cent or the game, Just nothing.

What do you say on the talent of Dr. Kendrick Lamar Dre?

Las Word From Dre to Kendrick Lamar, Kevin Hart’s show was so big we couldn’t leave it here:

I can’t get enough of Kendrick Lamar’s credit. Kendrick Lamar is a true artist, in the true definition of the word. The only thing I can take credit for is opening the door for him, because he did it all by himself. We have a wonderful relationship, he is an incredible uncle. Kendricks is one of those artists we call “forever artists”. We can disappear for five years, come back, and come back to find us making ends meet. Some artists feel that they have to be doing something or the other all the time or else they will forget. It’s not like that. It could disappear and come back with something incredible and the whole world would be wearing it and listening to it.

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Some great words from an iconic artist like Dre Who Habran made me feel a lot Proud to Lamar, who placed him in the category of “forever artist” along with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Michael Jackson and Prince.

Kendrick Lamar has told you many times why he trusts Dre (besides of course being one of the best producers in rap history) and has always stood by why “Understand Your Attitude” Right from the beginning. Enhorabuena to Kendrick Lamar for Dre’s accomplishments. Since then, everyone and each of them deserves it.

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