James Mangold draws parallels between the new Indiana Jones and Logan

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Indiana Jones and the Relic of Destiny will premiere in Brazilian cinemas on this day June 29 It contains the final chapter in the story of Harrison Ford’s classic character, after whom the film is named. The project is being led by Logan director James Mangold, who compared the two stories at a press conference.

What do James Mangold’s designs have in common?

Logan’s maturity was a response to the saturation of hero movies.

Mangold is also set to direct the upcoming Star Wars film with Daisy Ridley, which explores the beginnings of the universe. new jedi order, And the choice of these projects has something in common: they start or end a cycle in a franchise.

According to the director, he is not interested in working with one of the many sequels in the middle of a long saga that eventually fades into the public memory. Whenever he accepts to work on these projects, he prefers to face the challenge of understanding the journey of the characters to figure out what story needs to be told to bring fans a sense of closure. For loganIt included the sweet embrace of death.

“On Logan, I knew we were doing the latter, but this was a character who spent almost his entire life suffering torture, a kind of Frankenstein living in a world where his choice was to be a weapon or had to hide from everyone. And so death, in a way, seemed like a way of redemption for him. And the way we tried to write and stage it, it was the last 30 seconds of his life that were probably the last 30 seconds of his life. K had the best 30 seconds. explains.

How is Indiana Jones similar to Logan?

New film explores Indiana Jones’ bitter feelings about the end of his career (c. Disney)

To find out which story will best match everything that’s happened since Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Arkmangold went down the same path logan, It’s also a story of waking up after a long time away from work, feeling the way the world has gone about leaving you behind without hesitation. But the director knew he needed to go to a completely different place.

“(This nihilism) is not a part of this film. Indiana Jones is one of the most beautiful aspects of the Indiana Jones movies and I think Harrison’s (Ford) performances over the years have topped it. His humour, his charm, his adventurous style, his love for the golden age of films…” The director explains, “These were the inspirations of the filmmakers who started making these films and so I still had a star who was in her 70s, so it was clear that I couldn’t deny the reality,” said Harrison. , Indy is old.”

Thus, the plot proposes to discuss who Indiana Jones is when all the life force that guided his adventures in his youth is no longer present, a somewhat similar situation. Wolverine In the movie logan, When the hero’s rise began to show signs of fatigue, he too had to adapt. For Indi, it means tackling a quiet retirement life and finding what matters most to her.

“What is it like to be someone who has lived such a dynamic life, who has seen so much, conquered and conquered and survived adversity and opportunity, but then life has kind of returned to normal and the world has moved on, and those adventures are not going away. Presenting more or you’re not even necessarily ready for them. These questions may seem dark, but they are also the first chapter in the story of a man who is about to embark on one last adventure.

Indiana Jones and the Relics of Fate hits theaters today June 29,

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