How Vettel was key to the relationship between Verstappen and his engineer

it’s got red bull everywhere Formula 1, Dominate the current season, with Max Verstappen on his way to a third consecutive world title, celebrate 100 championship wins after the Dutchman won the Canadian Grand Prix, and now travel to the next race at home to compete in the Austrian Grand Prix.

For this he is also organizing an event 12 Hours of Nurburgring In September, where Yuki Tsunoda will ride the Nordschleife in a Honda NSX GT3 Evo, the Red Bull reserve, and the potential record for Faenza riders, will also be held by Daniel Ricciardo, but in a 2012 RB8.

Know everything about Red Bull in Formula 1:

The defending world champion wanted to attend the exhibition, but could not get permission from Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko. However, the team will have a former star, firstly, Sebastian Vettel, who will be rejoining his RB7 from 2011, although it has been adapted to run on carbon neutral fuel.

The German was the first to win the Grand Premio China with the Austrian in 2009, after Toro Rosso broke the race, trailing the main team with their famous wet win at Monza last season. With the addition of Vettel, Red Bull really learned to win, and went from a newcomer in the Formula 1 elite to becoming one leader in early 2010and De Nuevo en la Actualidad.

The process is not without challenges, particularly with regard to pilot management. By then, Teutón was a young star and the ideal embodiment of the extreme sports lifestyle that Red Bull’s marketing department wanted to use to promote its core product, as it had done with so much success in other sports.

It clashed with his then-partner Mark Webber, who had a very different story. The Australian, finally willing to perform as a punters coach and in contrast to detractors who thought he was not ready to win at the highest level in Formula 1, gained a reputation for strong character for his belligerent reactions to the blowout between the two at the 2010 Grand Premio de Turkey and his remark “It’s not bad for pilot number two” after his victory at Silverstone.

Two heroes of the time, Webber and team principal, Christian Horner, continue to show responses to detail detailing an apparently difficult period, even a decade after the Australian’s departure from the team. It’s about the idea that no great sporting success is built on the easy road.

“Obviously, there were some moments that were uncomfortable for the team because of the rivalry that existed between Mark (Webber) and Seb (Vettel)”, the overall manager responsible told “Looking back, one looks back and thinks some things were a bit silly, but you’re always learning in this business and we learn everyday”.

yes in 2010 and until your red bull march, The team obtained as much information as possible about which Horner says he was “a great guy to work with” and “extremely committed and incredibly hardworking”: “Very methodical and methodical in his way of racing. He put a lot of pressure on the team, and we did our best. I went to see the Pirelli factory to understand how the tires are manufactured, with all the details, he wanted as much information as possible, I think we said that an environment in which he thrived, his personality was infectious and we’ve got him here Seen developing”.

That last point deserves more attention still in Verstappen’s case. The current Red Bull star entered Formula 1 in 2015 at just 17 years old (Vettel was 19 when he did the same thing in 2007), and he only had a year at the 2016 Gran Premio de España when he made a surprising ascension as replacement for Daniil Kvyat, his brother Mayer.

Dutch Vettel’s successor in Red Bull historyNeither did Ricciardo, who joined after 2013 when Webber left, nor Kvyat after Vettel abruptly switched his gear to Ferrari in the second year of the turbo hybrid era. When asked to compare them, Horner said that the German and the Dutchman are “completely different characters”, with the latter being “the most straight forward pilot I’ve ever had”.

“If you open it, you know you’re going to give 110%”, the British continued. “He’ll expect you to give him 110%. He’ll tell you how he is, what’s on his mind at the time, he’s a pilot with no hairs on his tongue, and in that sense he’s very easy to work with”.

however, There is a connection between the two Red Bull world champions, his beginnings from a very young age, his conflicts with his teammates and his more extreme moments on the track. Horner says this can be seen in how his team maintains the most important bond with Verstappen throughout his career, through his career engineer Gianpiero Lambiase

Lambiez, fondly known as ‘GP’, is following in the footsteps of another very famous man in the paddock but in the Mercedes garage alongside Lewis Hamilton, peter bonnington, Like the ear of a pilot of the time, with each race interpreted in front of a worldwide audience in which Verstappen is the main protagonist, Lambias’ own recognition is on the rise.

Perhaps someday he’ll even sign autographs to the fans, as noted I did last year at Bonnington in Singapore, if not for that. Lambias’ reputation for his witty and sarcastic way of conversing with Verstappen when required is perfect for the kind of social network bite that needs to go viral as a vital part of promoting the sport in the current era.

however, Horner says Red Bull helped Lambiaz to do soBecause it’s an important part of the team to get the best out of its star pilot: “It’s your job, it’s the union with the pilot on the track. Max (Verstappen) has a strong character, and ‘GP’ is like a fighter, so sometimes it’s like a marriage of old people who argue about which channel to watch on television, but there’s a genuine respect and trust that ties each other.”

It is clear that the dynamics work very well for the Dutchman, and Lambias’ apparently cold distance towards his pilot is a significant part of the work that remains to be done, more since last summer, When I took the relief of Guillaume Roquelin (Many Formula 1 fans knew him as ‘Rocky’ when he heard Anim Vettel on the radio a decade earlier) as head of career engineering at Red Bull.

Lambias’ more emotional side could be heard in his reaction to Verstappen’s controversial win at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Alli’s celebrations and screams seemed so different from his usual calm demeanor that some wondered whether he was listening to Alex Albon (then Red Bull’s reserve driver) in his place, and Horner has now revealed that, coincidentally, Vettel played a role in training the pilot and engineer pair.

“‘GP’ has become huge. I came in (in 2015) as a replacement for Rocky, who was taking a step forward in the role as head of career engineering, and that ‘GP’ has now arrived”, commented. “GP” went through a difficult process that involved long negotiations with Sebastian (Vettel) to become Rocky’s successor (as a career engineer). Worked great with it and then, obviously, when Max started to take over the seat, the two of them formed a bond very quickly, it was a huge success.

The success of the Verstappen-Lambiez association is one of the conundrums Formula 1 faces at the moment. In some figures it can be clearly seen that compared to the enthusiastic follow-up to the allocated season 2021 and the battle between Red Bull and Ferrari at the beginning of last year, interest in the championship has waned, and Red Bull’s breach of the cost cap in 2021 was a clear blow to reputation, which should somehow be weighed and evaluated in the current division of the Milton Keynes team.

However, a Sky Sports report published in the Daily Telegraph this week stated that viewership has “broken historical records in recent months” thanks to acclaimed coverage of the Premier League, Carabao Cup final, Formula 1 and Ashes cricket.

The current highlight of the Gran Cerco can be seen Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney and Michael B. Jordan, who have dared to invest in Alpine. understands Silverstone will attract 450,000 fans, surpassing last year’s attendance record of 50,000.

For Red Bull, it’s all about maintaining and maximizing your space. After all, I didn’t do it with Vettel after 2013 because Mercedes pioneered the Los Cambios en las Reglas de las power units at the start of the era of the V6 turbo hybridAnd the changes coming for 2026 represent a stark parallel: the next big test for a team that is now everywhere.

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