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Many LoL content can be purchased with Riot Points, but you don’t need to spend real money if you use blue essences.

The fastest and easiest way to buy any League of Legends micropayment is through Riot Points. But given that LoL is free to play, I’m sure many of you you want to play without spending a dime. If so, keep in mind that there is a Blue Essence currency, which is nothing but a virtual currency with which we can also buy all kinds of content, but for free. Today we tell you how to get blue essence.

How to get free blue essence in League of Legends

This currency will always be received by the game, but the truth is that we have different methods to get it. We detail them all below.

level up

This is the easiest way to get Blue Essence even if we are new players. In fact, it will be enough to climb a few levels up. From level 5, for each additional level we will receive a summoner capsule. It’s basically a loot chest that can contain champion shards. The beauty is that if we don’t want the contents inside, we can disenchant the chest and get 50 blue essence Instead.

play daily

While continuing to offer the easiest and fastest options for earning this currency, Riot Games is also offering a total of 50 units blue essence to players who received first daily win in LOL. In the same way, there are daily missions that the game provides us with which we can get more of this currency.

With champion capsules

If you want think big, then know that as we level up, we will receive champion capsules. And they will be added directly to our loot.

The most interesting thing that these capsules can give us up to 1000 units blue essence if we spray them. In fact, depending on each capsule, the amount can be from 820 to 1260 units. Base Champion Capsules will drop from level 10; those of the glorious champion, from level 30.

“Purchase” in event stores

As if it were an RPG, another option is to buy certain items in order to get Blue Essence later. And when we say buy, we mean market, because we will not spend a dime.

So, we have to use event stores to buy champion fragments. with special chips. And this, in turn, will allow us to get the Blue Essence without buying it directly. It’s even more efficient if you have an event pass. As for special tiles, they can be obtained for free by completing missions.

Sometimes it’s worth “sacrifice” a champion to get blue essence.

Through Twitch and streaming

Fans of Riot Games know well that the company Are you interested in us seeing your tournaments? more important. And they usually reward users who do. For example, by offering Blue Essence instead. How do you know which games to watch? Very simple: you will usually find information in game missions.

disappoint the champions

This option can hurt just thinking about it, but it’s there, and the decision is yours. We’re talking about the possibility turn down the chance to get a free champion when we level up This is a tough choice if you don’t have this champion, but also a smart choice if you don’t intend to use it or if you already have it in your collection.

What can I buy with Blue Essence?

As we have done before, with Esencia Azul it is possible buy things that usually cost money real and it’s great. Here is a list of everything we can buy with this currency:

  • Buy champions (through the Shop or with champion shards).
  • Buy chests hextech
  • Raise a Champion’s Mastery to Level 6 or 7
  • Buy additional page of runes
  • Buy color schemes if available
  • Buy exclusive content during the Essence Emporium event
  • Change the name of the summoner
Remember you will also need a key

If you want to be aware of League of Legends NewsAs a reminder, 3DJuegos regularly provides fresh gaming news. And remember that this is a game that you can download for free on your computer.

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