Historical movies: The best titles you can watch streaming right now

What is a “story” other than a continuous act of narration, juxtaposing reality with fiction and fact with fiction? For this reason historical films have always been a favorable cinematographic field. The interaction between the discoveries of the past and modern invention, a review of the life of an illustrious historical figure, or a fascinating background screen that provides an atmosphere of a monarchy, a feudal castle or war-torn, can give rise to some of these. The grandest movies that allow us to travel in time.

Here’s The Period Dramas You Won’t Find On Paper: We Have A List Of Them ten best historical films for all time. Be it epic or intimate, over-the-top comic or devastatingly poignant, all these movies will totally hook you. it is already available streamingSo get ready to rewind and give it a go.

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Marie Antoinette, Teenage Queen (2006)

Marie AntoinetteThe tragically obliterated last Queen of France, was famous for indulgences that led to her guillotine sentence during the French Revolution. set in the years before that unfortunate end, sweet Maria Antoinette De Sofia Coppola enters the fictional psyche of young Marie Antoinette, married to the effects of the political alliance between France and Austria. It’s a fascinating exploration of the mysteries of childhood and femininity, a suffocation inspired by royal customs. It also has an exclusive soundtrack: ¿Treatment or new orders In a period film? Sofia Coppola, icon forever. Available on Prime Video.

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985)

Yukio Mishima Fuu Muchas Kōsas: one of the most iconic Japanese writers of all time; a hypernationalist committed to reclaiming Japan’s imperial glory; A gay young man obsessed with image perfection. He formed his own personal army of devoted followers and staged a coup at the General Headquarters of the Japanese Army, carrying out an infamous suicide act. del seppuku At the age of 45. Mishima: A Vida En Cuatro ChapterIn Paul SchraderFollow the story of his life as four truly impactful mini-adaptations of Mishima’s novels are recreated on screen. Schrader considers it mishima this is the best movie i’ve ever made, and we agree. You can see it in the filmin.

amadeus (1984)

it is well known that Wolfgang Amadeus MozartOne of the greatest composers in history, also a bit of a pervert and a huge fan of scatological humour. El cine siempre ver con buenos ojos a los geniuses travisos, y amadeus It is a dazzling and colorful tale of the rivalry between Antonio Salieri and Mozart, told from the first’s point of view. Filled with laughter, cynicism and a tragedy of greatness – for those who can’t reach it -, it’s a glorious and smug classic. Watch on Prime Video.

death of stalin (2017)

The funniest movie in history is about the death of Joseph Stalin. If you can’t imagine it, be prepared to be shown the opposite. diabolical political satire of Armando Iannucci Sobre la lucha por el poder is comical to Rabiar after the death of the Soviet dictator. Set during the collapse of the USSR, but with a strange (unfortunately) uncanny resemblance to our current political climate, it’s probably the single funniest thing ever. death of stalin It’s the story that would be included on Barack Obama’s list of his favorite movies of 2017. Watch it on Prime Video.

Favorite (2018)

FavoriteIn yorgos lanthimos, a delicious and ambiguous tale about one of history’s most fascinating love triangles. Competing for the powerful position of court favorite in 18th-century England, the Duchess of Marlborough, Sarah Churchill, and her cousin, Abigail Masham, were fiercely competing to win the affection of Queen Anne. la favoriteA story about their machinations fueled by sex, power and greed, featuring three stellar performances from Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. It’s a genuine pleasure to watch them plot, discuss, and seduce each other on screen, just like watching Colman win an Oscar for playing Weiss in Queen Anne: “When I stick my tongue in So I feel good”. ,

lost city of z (2016)

Earlier assassins of the flower moon, we saw another job David Grann Transferred from non-fiction history to Grand Pantala. lost city of z film adaptation of james gray From the book of the same name by Grann, which chronicles British explorer Henry Fawcett’s journey into the Brazilian Amazon in search of an ancient lost city…and his eventual disappearance. Starring Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, and featuring an overly tropical aesthetic, this is an adventure film that will transport you inside the mind of a man obsessed with discovery, no matter what there is to lose. Watch on Netflix.

Apollo 13 (1995)

With the same title as 1970’s aborted mission to Luna, Apollo 13 tells the real story of astronauts Jim Lowell, Jack Swigert and Fred Heise, unfortunately famous for being stranded in space after his spaceship exploded, leaving him lacking critical levels of energy and oxygen to try to return safely to Earth. Starring Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, this thrilling tale of space survival recreates with astonishing realism the mechanical problems and decisions of the life, death of the real crew members. Apollo 13, It’s a thrilling film, a poignant reminder of what goes on when one enters the implacable hostility of space. Watch on Prime Video.

memories of a murderer (2003)

Based on the history of the first confirmed case of serial killers in South Korea, Memories of an Assassin, In bong joon-ho, one of the best police movies in history. In rural Hwaseong, the local police are completely baffled by a series of violations and assasinatos. modus operandi Similar. ,memories of a murderer **Known for the condemnation of the police and its inefficiency, its brutality and its failure to keep the people of the city safe at the time. It is difficult to watch because of its intense and dark subject matter, but it is not free from Bong’s characteristic dark humour. The case remained unsolved for 30 years, before Lee Chun-jae was finally found guilty in 2019, years after Bong’s film.

dog afternoon (1975)

A few weeks ago, Twitter was flooded with pictures of young al Pacino At the door of a bank, shouting: “Bessem.” Just like that. When I fuck you, I love that you kiss my mouth.” images of dog afternoon This was broadcast as an argument to win the poll as to who was the most handsome: young Robert De Niro or Al Pacino”. To pay for his partner’s sex change surgery in 1972. dog afternoon, a fascination that went bad and became a media spectacle, comes to life in Sidney Lumet’s cop classic, full of tension and humanity. Watch on Prime Video.

a hidden life (2019)

a hidden lifeIn Terrence Malicktells the story of an Austrian farmer Franz JägerstätterConscientious objector in World War II, who was eventually hanged after years of brutal imprisonment for refusing to fight for Nazi Germany. A loving and meditative immersion in the rural landscape so dear to Franz and his wife and children, and a devastatingly poignant reflection on what a life is worth. Watch on Prime Video.

hiroshima mon amour (1959)

hiroshima mon amourIn alain resnais, is a 24-hour time capsule that follows the romantic relationship between a Japanese architect and a French actress after the atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. Lyrical in its intimacy, visually appealing and considered one of the most important films of the French New Wave, hiroshima mon amour It was described by Jean-Luc Godard as “the first film without cinematographic references”. It is like walking in memory, without knowing whether you are sleeping or awake. Watch on Prime Video.

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